Write for us: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, Tech, Business and health

Write for us: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, Tech, Business and health

Write for us: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, Tech, Business and health
WowFashionLife is a community blog where we allow you to post topics related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health. We are dedicated to presenting information on our blog which is related to the latest trends in fashion, health, beauty and many more. WowFashionLife allows everyone to share their ideas through words in the guest post.

Guidelines to Follow for Guest Posting
The following are the guidelines we hope you will follow should you wish to post your thoughts on our blog.

Item Length:

A well-researched informative article with 1500+ words is what we expect you to deliver as it would not only attract viewers but would also be search engine proficient. Therefore, make sure that your article meets this first requirement of ours.


It is essential that you select a topic for your writing that is related to our blog. This will ensure that your article gets published on our blog sooner. Therefore, you need to make sure that the article you write and submit is related to our blog categories.


Be sure to send us your articles related to the following categories:

– Beauty

– Fashion

– Health

– Lifestyle

– Products

It would be a fantastic resource for our blog if your blogs are related to these. Also, make sure you don’t send us writing that isn’t related at all, as it likely won’t get published.

External links:

If your content is relevant, you can also place a backlink to your own blog. However, we only allow a Do Follow link that is relevant and points only to your own blog.

Selling stuff:

Make sure you are not using the guest post to promote or advertise other products or business sites as this is in the advertising section. In case you are waiting for a sponsored post opportunity, you can simply contact us with the subject heading “Sponsored and Advertising”.


Your articles should be upbeat and powerful. In case you want to see the examples, you can check the articles already published on our businessrolls.com blog.

Writing for readers:

You should write posts in a way that conveys your own words and character. Keep the target audience in mind and keep the articles attractive enough.

Make your articles reader friendly:

When an article is reader friendly, it becomes much easier for them to read as your message will be easily conveyed to them. Design your articles so that they contain a related title, subheadings and important terms in bold. Also, use bullet points where you feel the need.


Putting images in an article will surely grab the attention of the readers. So, make sure to include relevant images, infographics, and videos along with proper attribution where necessary in the article.

Without inclusion of affiliate links:

We do not accept affiliate links within articles as it would simply damage our website’s reputation. In case you want to promote your affiliate link or something promotional, please contact the subject name “advertisement”.


You should never post any writing that is copied and pasted from other websites. We would never accept any kind of post like this. We appreciate the hard work of others, and you should too.

How to send the article
You can send us the articles in a Microsoft Word document. In case you want to write for us, you can send us your ideas and proposals before submitting the article.

Feel free to contact: seoagency91@gmail.com

– Subject: Guest Post or Advertising

– Theme Ideas

– The website you want to link to

We will surely contact you if you follow our guidelines.

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