Add Value to Soap Packaging With White Soap Boxes


Who is not aware of the significance of soaps in our lives? Soap is a day-to-day skincare item. Soaps come in different scents and flavors like charcoal, aloe vera, lavender, sandalwood, and many more. The hardest thing for the skincare brand is to make soaps last longer and retain their physical quality. The soaps packed in average-quality boxes are more likely affected by various environmental factors like moisture, heat, sunlight, humidity, etc. So, what’s the solution to protecting sweet, smelled soaps for a prolonged time? Its final escape is custom white soap boxes. We manufacture white soap packaging following the preference of our customers.

Buy Perfect Shape and Sized White Soap Box Packaging:

Soaps come in various shapes like hearts, squares, circles, and rectangles. So can you imagine stuffing a circle-shaped soap bar into a square-shaped box? No, it seems very chaotic and shabby. Customization is preferred over the ready-made box due to its limitlessness. At iCustomBoxes, we know how to design the box into an appropriate shape following the product’s demands. Our designers have years of expertise and can create flawless boxes with the quickest turnaround time per your specification.

Inspire Clients with Elegantly Design box Styles:

Who is not aware of the traditional two-piece soap box’s style? It’s very common in use for centuries. It’s time to inspire clients with unique box designs. Ingeniously designed white boxes for soap can enchant customers at first sight. We design any shape and style of box. You just have to tell our team about your specifications. However, we suggest reverse and straight tuck end, tuck front, sleeve packaging, and box with window cut-outs.

Showcase the Sweet Smelled Soaps by Using Die-Cut Box:

Who does not want to see their business succeed and getting popularity?  It is the wish of each company. That’s why they struggle to find tactics that help them get a prominent position in the crowded market. A white soap box wholesale with a die-cut can be a wonderful strategic way to attain the customer’s attention. We make use of cutting-edge die-cut machines and tools that produce error-free die-cuts. We can design die-cut in any shape as your request. Opting for a die-cut with or without a PVC sheet depends on you. However, the PVC sheet is thick and transparent. Its usage adds more grace and prevents soaps from contamination, pollutants, germs, etc.

White Soap Boxes: Recyclable, Biodegradable, and Compostable:

Why are white soap boxes wholesale? What’s special about them? The best thing about these boxes is that they are manufactured with white kraft and cardboard stock. Kraft and cardboard paper are not high in cost and sustainable as well.  These are sturdy enough to resist tears, scratches, and traveling shocks. Apart from durability, these are suitable for the environment and enhance the shelf life of the soaps. White soap packaging is 100% biodegradable. So, there is no fear of emitting toxic substances and footprints, etc. you can recycle the package and reuse it for further purposes.

Uplift the Logo Design with Silver and Gold Foiling:

The white soap box is elegant in itself.   You can print white kraft and cardboard paper with the company’s logo. The distinctive trademark of the brand’s logo and product details gives customers a detailed view of the company and its products.  We suggest hot foil stamping to prominent the design and make them more vibrant and dazzling. Foil stamping is available in various colors. But gold and silver are preferable as they add more vibrancy and sophistication.

Build the Positive Image of the Brand with the Soap Box Logo:

Most brands get afraid while ordering online. In the present era, every industry has digitalized its business. So, people get worried about recognizing fake and real brands. Particularly consumers are becoming more efficient regarding skincare items. They cannot risk their skin by using fake products. A white box with a logo is the best tool to gain customers’ trust in one’s company’s product. The box with the trademark design establishes the distinct identity of the brand.

Obtain First Quality Affordable White Soap Boxes from ICB:

Did you not find satisfactory customized boxes online? Don’t stick yourself with that unpleasant experience. It will be hard for you to believe that you will forget all your experiences after connecting with us.  Our company is one of the first rates packaging suppliers providing its services for years. The sole motive of our company is to provide 100% customer satisfactory services. Most people doubt the product’s quality when it is available at cost-effective rates.  The plus point about our services is that we offer digital samples on client demands and ensure the commencement of orders after receiving the final validation.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a free shipping facility worldwide.
  • You can avail of quote service instantly.
  • We have zero charges for plates and die-cuts.
  • Our customer support team is available around the clock.
  • You can grab the opportunity of discounts on bulk orders.
  • We make use of modern printing methods for reliable prints.

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