Tips To Prevent Car Door Damage In Parking Lots

Dented Car Door

So let’s change our attention from control to prevention! No matter how much you have, even a small dent can cause major issues. Fortunately, there are some precautions you can take to avoid having to pay for annoying dent repairs on both your car and your wallet!

To shield your car from the harsh sun that erodes paint and the bird and tree droppings that etch its finish, you might want to think about getting a portable, temporary car shelter.

We purchased a shelter after a season in which oaks dropped acorns so copiously that the damage resembled hail. These can be challenging to set up and tricky to position so they don’t take over the driveway because they are essentially tents without sides. And they look bad. But they function.

A fitted car cover is an alternative. The best are breathable and moisture-absorbent. A waterproof cover might retain moisture and harm the paint on a car.

But any car cover must be put on a dry, clean vehicle. Even one that is water-resistant has the potential to harbor enough moisture beneath it to damage the paint, and a cover thrown over a dirty car could allow smeared dirt to scratch the surface.

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Tips To Prevent Car Door Damage :


Watch for dangerous features in nearby vehicles and even in areas with a lot of foot traffic with extra diligence. To avoid accidentally hitting yours, cars with oversized doors must be approached with extra caution and space. Now that cars come in a wider range of sizes, consider the height of the vehicle parked next to the space you have your eye on. When there is a Nissan Titan next to your Mini Cooper, features that wouldn’t pose a threat on a vehicle of your size may now pose a serious threat!

Smaller personal items, such as purses or shopping bags, can also harm nearby cars that are parked directly in front of a store’s main entrance if they are worn carelessly. Watch out for areas where people might be rushing, and try to stay away from them whenever you can.

Is the weather windy today? That could cause even the most responsible person to lose control over how their car door swings, not to mention the occasional shopping cart left carelessly rolling around the parking lot that the wind will inevitably direct directly into your passenger side.


Choose a location where you won’t be hemmed in. There is really no way for you to exit your car without denting the metal if it is blocked in and someone hits it before driving off. Parallel and compact spots are the main offenders of boxed-in spots!

Does that small space need to be used? Instead, could you fit in a space that is more normal in size? Regardless of the size of the vehicle parked there, drivers often unintentionally cut closer to cars in small spaces than usual. Even if it isn’t the closest spot, it is often worthwhile to make the extra effort to park in a space large enough for your car or, ideally, one with some additional padding. A door ding, among many other potentially vulnerable spots on your car, can easily occur if you are too close to another vehicle, especially when parallel parking. Consider how many more steps you already take each day!

Take a look at that minivan with the stick figures all over the back window. Children are adorable and can unquestionably be responsible and considerate at any age, but perhaps try again another day. Park there in a preventive extra space as well.

Don’t be afraid to take up a little more room to avoid getting dented!


Use the side mirrors that come with all vehicles! Reap the benefits of what you have and look behind yourself once opening your doors, regardless of whether your car’s exterior design isn’t as slick or whether your mirrors are smaller.

Utilize all the features that your car has to offer. In any parking situation, a backup camera and proximity sensors can be an excellent tools, but they are especially useful in potentially confined spaces where you might not have a complete awareness of just mirrors. Once more, driving too close to other vehicles puts you and your car at risk!

Although it’s impossible to predict who might choose to park next to YOU while you’re inside the grocery store, being proactive is always a benefit, even if it’s a minor one. You can stop the majority of parking lot dings that might have occurred by following these easy tips.

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