How To Draw Spider Man Drawing Easy | Drawing Tutorial

How To Draw Spider Man Drawing Easy | Drawing Tutorial

Spider Man Drawing Easy Before people move on to the next trend, it’s common for something to be well-known for a while.

Despite being the world’s favourite sea sponge, Spider Man Drawing Easy Squarepants occasionally seems destined to remain well-known forever.

This bubbly sponge has been making crowds of all kinds laugh since 1999, and he shows no signs of slowing down. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw a cute sponge, this tutorial is for you.

With this drawing tutorial video, which will teach you how to draw Spongebob in just 8 easy steps, you can appreciate learning to depict this lively character!

How To Draw Spiderman Drawing


  • To start this drawing tutorial, let’s create Spongebob’s eyes and nose. I’ll begin by petting his cheekbones.
  • He has a long, upward-sloping forehead.
  • To replicate the picture, the left eye can be added after the right one has been outlined. Start at the forehead and trace the most precise circular you can.
  • Make sure to leave a tiny space on the right side of the eye because the other eye will cross.
  • The next step is to draw the right eye in softly. Draw a curved line for his visage, leaving a space below the right eye.
  • To complete this step, draw three lines above each of his eyes to depict his eyelashes.


  • The next stage is to draw the contours of his lips and cheeks.
  • We’ll include a serious expression in this step of your Spongebob drawing because Spongebob hardly ever has one on his face.
  • From his brow, draw a thin, curved line that curves downward. It should be brief before abruptly swerving to the right to become another curving line underneath the visage.
  • Draw that line first, then add two squares to make his unmistakable teeth. Draw a curved line from his canines to the corner of his lips underneath it to finish the drawing. Don’t forget to give him a mouth, please!
  • Three more dots must be added to the traced line to depict freckles on the remaining portion of his cheek.


  • You can now start to outline his body.
  • In this part of our drawing tutorial, we’ll sketch Spongebob’s torso after we’ve finished drawing the face.
  • Spongebob is more of a 3D rectangle shape, despite the term “square” being in his moniker. For now, draw a frame around his face as it appears in the reference picture.
  • Furthermore, you can see that a curved line is required because Spongebob’s lines are not perfectly aligned.


  • Make his abdomen and tie bigger.
  • During this phase of the sketch, hand Spongebob his shirt and tie. The tie will be made of triangular and circular shapes and will begin below his waistline.
  • Once you have that, you can draw in the body’s side portion, as shown in the illustration. Leave a smooth, curved space at the side to fit his arm later.


  • Hand Spongebob his blouse and pants.
  • Now Spongebob needs to get ready. Let’s commence with the cuffs of his shirt. These will be made with a few curved lines.
  • The right arm will fit into the space you originally left, and the left arm will extend straight from his torso.
  • Then, you can make his pants by sketching a rectangular shape with a few straight lines. These will be straight, in contrast to the patterns on his breast.
  • Add more curved lines to the thighs of his trousers as you go.


  • Add Spongebob’s limbs to the sixth stage.
  • Your Spongebob painting is amazing! Let’s give Spongebob some limbs in this section of our drawing tutorial on how to create Spongebob.
  • Because they are held so straight in the air, his wrists look like two straight lines with curved lines for knuckles.
  • The left leg will be stretched straight, and the right limb curled to represent him running. His shoes can be made by combining straight and curved lines, as the reference picture shows.


  • Add a few final touches next.
  • Your Spongebob animation is almost at its conclusion! Before moving on, let’s add a few more components and then some colour.
  • As shown in the image, he usess straight lines to divide his blouse from his pants. Then you can expose his belt using a design of numerous tiny black rectangles.
  • Add a few lines above his shoes to show his socks if necessary.


  • To finish your Spongebob drawing, add colour.
  • Now that Spongebob is drawn so well, you can appreciate the artwork.
  • The illustration shows how Spongebob’s unique yellow colouring can be improved by using different yellow shades on various body sections to give him depth.
  • What hilarious sketching tools will you employ to depict Spongebob? I believe that acrylic paints are the best choice because they provide Spongebob with the lovely, vibrant hues he needs.
  • But that’s only one method; we can’t wait to see what colours and materials you decide to use to finish this!

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