How Customize Cakes Improves Your Memory

Customize cakes in Singapore

How Customize Cakes Improves Your Memory

Neuroscience tells us that amid our everyday, ordinary repetitive mundane, repetitive existence those memorable memories are created when surprise meets strong emotions. When what meets wow! That’s when wonder-making moments are created. The secret ingredient in lasting memories is a wonder. It’s the wonder that slows us down. So, when the new and surprising meets your feelings at full volume, the unexpected grabs hold of your heart.  Customize cakes in Singapore


study reveals that we are our memories. Wonders gives us memories. Wonder that shifts us out of autopilot and makes us stop in our tracks. Wonder is a magic ingredient added to the customized cakes that give us things that we can chew on for weeks, months, or even years. When the unexpected grabs hold of your heart, that’s when you get sticky memories.

How sweet would that be?

What would it look like if every one of us chose to create a sticky memory for those we love on different celebrations? How sweet would that be? Each customized cake is a moment where we get to connect with people. Whether it’s an intimate elopement just for two or whether it’s this morning’s drawn delivery for two and a half thousand people.


Researchers have divided comfort foods into four categories: nostalgia that reminds us of positive childhood experiences. convenient, tasty foods that are easy to consume. Indulgent, special foods created for special occasions, as well as physically-comforting foods that elicit the ‘feel good mouth-feel of flavors.


When surprises grab your heart, that’s when you get sticky memories. What I witnessed on my birthday was shaped by human values. A big, jolly orb of a Humpty Dumpty made out of ice crispies and marshmallows were sitting on top of a cake. It had strawberry lace arms and licorice eyes and it was surrounded by a garden of sweet treats and lollipops.


I was seen and heard celebrating as a tiny dot in this vast universe. It was a wonder-making moment, and it’s locked in. Because I felt it was a new powerful personal decision. Wonder is a magic ingredient that gives us things that we can chew on for months, years, and even our lives. A few years ago, on Arthur’s hundredth birthday, his friends and neighbors gathered from all over the country to celebrate him. During his last days, his source of happiness was his 100th birthday sweet tooth celebrations.

Stress Buster:

A recent television advertisement in the U.S. pictures a teenage girl sitting on the bedroom floor and crying. Her mother comes to the rescue: “I know it’s hard Maddie. But I promise, it’s going to get better,” she reassures her, sliding a Hershey bar under the door, over the background lyrics “Whenever you’re losing, I’ll celebrate ya, appreciate ya.”

Dr. David Moxon, a behavioral psychologist, stated that baking, with all of its aromas and flavors, is linked to nostalgia and can bring back happy memories.

Imagine warm, gooey cookies, crunchy candy, luscious cakes, and waffle cones overflowing with ice cream. Is your mouth watering? Are you craving dessert? Why? What happens when sugar hits your tongue? And does eating a little bit of sugar make you crave more? Sugar is a general term that defines a class of molecules called carbohydrates.

The brain’s reward system is activated by food, but can also be triggered by drugs and social situations. The core prevalence of our reward system is dopamine, an important chemical or neurotransmitter. Certain areas of the brain contain dense clusters of receptors and hot spots for dopamine release. The more variety we have in our diet, the more likely we are to get all the nutrients we need. So, for the child, the Customize cakes in Singapore simply means a way to celebrate by eating something delicious.

It’s hard to imagine a birthday without cake! In between delicious bites of cake, each Customize cakes in Singapore beholds beauty in its sugary way. So it comes as no surprise that the study found that cooking might give you the same confidence boost you might typically associate with getting a promotion at work.

The Divine Taste…

If you rarely eat sugar or don’t eat much at a time, the effect is similar to that of eating a balanced meal. Too much dopamine consumption could lead to a response that does not level out. Excessive sugar intake will continue to make the person feel rewarded. Sugar work like a drug. It’s one reason people seem to be hooked on sugary foods. You wouldn’t be stopped from eating another slice of freshly baked cake. Its flavor lingers on the taste buds forever. You can refrigerate it to enjoy it for two or three days.

Surprisingly with joy, to your moments of extreme wonder, customized cakes in Singapore let you delve for a lifetime into wildly arresting, breathtakingly rich celebration moments of togetherness, love, and joy in your sticky memory.


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