Makeup Trends

With the arrival of the New Year, there comes a bevy of trends. The most exciting ones are the makeup and clothing trends. These are ever-changing, and we see dozens of new ones every time New Year comes up. There is no doubt that 2022 was a fantastic year for all things makeup related. After all, it was the true first year we began to shed our ugly masks. We reenter society. With that sense of normalcy, new makeup looks arrived. People were ready to put on products their faces. The masks and protective shields gave them the liberty to hide their faces without needing to wear makeup.

The New Year marks the perfect opportunity to start fresh. Whether you decide to set an ambitious goal or opt to change your looks by going platinum blonde. We have gathered some leading makeup trends that are viable for everyone. Discover below:


  1. Statement Lips:

Lips are set to be bolder than ever this year. They are ready to be alone. The resurgence of lip-liners keeps the lips darker than the lipsticks and focuses on your natural pout. We recommend centering the lips by keeping the skin clean and grooming it with dark lashes.

  1. Futuristic Metals:

Alloy-inspired shimmer is ready to take on. The influx of technology and robotics has influenced such futuristic beauty. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer and Danessa Myricks Colorfix Eye, Cheek & Lip Cream Pigment will surely wow you.

  1. Bare Skin:

Skinimalism took the beauty world by storm as people ditched their countless step routines. They exchanged it with a more simplified version. Experts are forecasting the return of clear skin and a strong lean towards more natural coverage and techniques. Coverage will be lighter, blush and shadow texture will be more seamless, and an overall return to clean and simple beauty will amplify the natural face structure of the body.

  1. The 90’s thin eyebrows:

The 90’s trends are still making a comeback. With that people are going to see the rise of thin eyes. If you hesitate to grab the tweezers, follow this hack. Just weave in a brown gel to shape your brows together into a thinner line. This will help you instead of brushing your eyebrows and filling them.

  1. The Faux Freckles:

People born without freckles are surely going to be jealous. But freckles are in the trend now funnily enough. It seems hilarious that people are asking for freckles on their skin. That is thanks to embracing and celebrating beauty. To dot a few of these cuties on your flawless skin, we recommend Freck OG and Freck Noir.

  1. Shimmery Cheekbones:

The shimmery Gen-Z selfies are taking over IG feeds and TikToks. This is the sign that dewy face glosses are a thing of the past. The trend creates a shimmery but not sparkly look for your cheeks. Powder highlighters, glow drops drunk elephant bronzers are among the best to create a serious glow for you to shine on camera.

  1. Pastel Makeup Looks:

Consider this 2023 trend to be your dopamine dressing, but for your face. There is no right or wrong way as long as you feel good. You can smudge bright eyeshadows across your lids. You can also try a heavy dusting of purple blush on your cheeks or give a little oomph with a coat of neon-colored lipstick.

  1. Underpainting:

For a true, natural flush and lit-from-within glow, use underpainting. Underpainting is an application technique of using products like glow drops drunk elephant liquid bronzers, and blush under your foundation. This helps to create a seamless and more natural-looking blend.


2023 is going to be one heck of a year for makeup enthusiasts. This year we are going to see some amazing new trends as well as the return of the old ones. We already have mentioned some of the most desirable lookouts that include products like glow drops drunk elephant bronzers, lip colors, blush oil, and faux mink.

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