How can You Wash Your Car Like a Pro at Home?

Is your car looking dirty, old, and outdated even after you have washed it many times on your own? If yes, you need to update your car washing method. Always use the steps and techniques recommended by experts.

You must be thinking; where can you find the steps that pro car washers use? Do not worry! Professional car wash services have enlisted steps you can follow to wash your car like a pro. So, follow the steps and make your car shine like a new one.

Steps to Wash Your Car Like a Pro

If you are washing your car regularly but you are not getting the required results, you do not need to worry anymore. We have got you covered. In this article, you will come to know a series of the steps that car wash professionals use:

1.  Park in the Shade

First of all, park your car in a shade so that you can wash it properly without any fear of immediate drying of water and cleaning detergents. Instant drying can lead to watermarks on your car’s clear surface.

That is why if you are planning a car wash at home, you should first park it in the shade. After parking it in the shade, you can wash it without any fear of dryness.

2.  Rinse the Car

The next step is to rinse your car with water so that all the dust, dirt, and grit can be removed. Make sure you are using the proper quantity of water that can wash the dust off the whole body of the car.

You can use a water pipe with appropriate pressure to rinse your car. Remember! Do not use a water pipe with higher water pressure as it can damage your car’s paint job.

No doubt, it can not damage the paint in one turn but if you keep using higher pressure, it will lead to peeling off your car’s paint. Therefore, you should not use a high-pressure water pipe to avoid any damage

3.  Separate Water and Cleaning Solution

Many people do not use water and cleaning solutions separately. It not only leads to improper cleaning but also can delay the process. When you use a sponge, mitt, or cloth to wash your car, you have to dip it again and again in the soap solution.

After using this soap-loaded mitt, you should wash it with clean water so that all the trapped dust and debris can be removed. For this purpose, you should dip it in a bucket of clean water. The expert card detailing services suggest using two buckets, one for the cleaning solution and the other for clean water.

So, understand the logic and start using two buckets, which will carry clean water and soap solution separately.

4. Wash the Top First

If you are a beginner, keep this tip in your mind to ensure a good wash of your car. Start washing your car from the top and then gradually move downwards. It will not only prove helpful in washing your car effectively but also save your time.

All the grit will move down to the areas, which are remaining to wash. This dust, dirt, and grit will be cleaned properly when you will wash the lower body of your car.

On the other hand, if you tend to wash the lower body of your car first, it will not prove to be a good idea. How? When you will wash your car’s top, all the debris, coming from the top, will again pollute it, making your job tough. So, always start with cleaning your car’s top first, which will make your washing job easier.

5. Rinse and Dry

After you have washed the whole body of your car with detergent, it is time to rinse it with clean water so that all the remaining soap can be washed out. So, follow the rule of top to bottom. Pour the bucket of water at the top of your car and if you are using a water pipe, start washing your car from the top.

When you have rinsed your car well, you should dry it. Take a clean, dry microfiber towel and start wiping your car. If one towel becomes saturated, grab another, and repeat the process.

Remember! Do not use a cloth that can scratch your car’s paint

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