Restaurant Marketing – 10 Tips To Grow Your Business On Social Media

Restaurant marketing agency

Being a great chef is not enough; you must be a great marketer to stay in the game!

No matter how delicious your food tastes, your restaurant will go unnoticed if you can’t attract customers. But that’s not the only reason you should consider restaurant marketing

Here’s some data to show you the impact social media has made on restaurants:
* 63% of restaurants use social media marketing.
* 90% of customers research restaurants online before dining (more than any other business type).
* 49% of users learn about food or restaurants through social networks.

Your target audience spends the majority of their time on social media. If you haven’t included social media in your restaurant marketing strategy, NOW is the right time.

Restaurant Marketing And Social Media – What’s In There For Your Business?

Your cafe, restaurant, or eatery should be available on social media to be visible to the target audience. However, most restaurants juggle managing their business and social media simultaneously.

Let’s dig a bit deeper to learn the pain points of restaurant owners.

  • What, when, and where to post?
  • How to come up with fresh ideas to share?
  • How to increase brand exposure and community building on social media?

If you are also struggling to grow your business, restaurant marketing might be the solution you need.

But before we discuss ways to use social media marketing for restaurants, do you know why you need it?

Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Create Brand Awareness: Over 3 billion people use social media. What’s stopping you from posting pictures and videos of your restaurant, new recipes, behind-the-scenes shots & more? It’s one of the best ways to spread the word and reach an ever-growing audience on social media.

Build Engagement with User-Generated Content: Use the interactive nature of social media to increase engagement by sharing user-generated content (UGC).

For example:

  • Photos of happy customers enjoying their food
  • Testimonials
  • Shots of new recipes
  • Chef’s Special
  • Stories of customer reviews and experiences

UGC is a great restaurant marketing trick to encourage other people to visit you and share their content.

Maximize Your Reach: Run ads or use location tagging on Instagram and Facebook to reach new customers living in your target geographical areas. It further helps you attract tourists & visitors searching for a nearby spot to grab a bite or meal.

Address Customers’ Concerns: You don’t want to leave unhappy customers unattended and post bad reviews on social media. Use social media to reach out to them and resolve their concerns. It’ll earn you a good reputation while increasing customer loyalty.

Get Feedback: Social media is a sweet spot to start a healthy conversation with your customers and get feedback. Ask your customers for suggestions on menu, service, or what specials would keep them coming back.

Now that you know why restaurant marketing is crucial, let’s learn the tips to make it work for your business!

Top Tips For Successful Restaurant Marketing

1:- Create Impressive Social Media Profiles.

The three major social media platforms to implement your restaurant marketing strategy are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook – 49% of people use Facebook to search for restaurants.
Instagram – Instagram is the #1 social media app for engaging with restaurant brands.
Twitter – Twitter users have the highest engagement with restaurants as compared to other industries on the platform.

When creating social media profiles for your restaurant, submit enough information for your audience to see. The details should include your business hours, location, phone number, and a website link. Keep this information consistent on all connected accounts, especially in your local listings such as Google My Business and Yelp. Cohesive social media profiles and listings may help your restaurant rank higher on Google Maps for local searches.

2:- Maintain a Consistent Voice

Uploading funny posts on Instagram and serious Tweets from your restaurant marketing account may confuse the audience. Don’t leave them wondering if this is the same brand.

Consistency is the key when it comes to restaurant marketing. Listen to what your target audience wants. Be careful with self-promotion. Give your followers similar information on all accounts to maintain an even tone of voice.

For example: If you are a vegan restaurant, all your accounts should promote and support vegan recipes and practices across social media. Whether they explore you on Twitter, on a mobile app, in a store, or in your print materials – your brand voice should be consistent everywhere.

In short, your brand should be recognizable even without a logo or direct marketing. 

We understand maintaining a consistent voice can be challenging. Having multiple teams to manage each social media page could leave you with a scattered “style.”

So is there any way out?

The right choice is to consider a restaurant marketing tool that will take care of everything automatically.

Tips to ensure a cohesive brand voice for your restaurant on social media:
– Follow a common style guide for all team members to use.
– Posts all images in a similar color theme.
– Keep the tone of voice consistent & friendly in all captions.
– While using humor, make sure it translates well across different audiences and social media platforms.

3:- Post Compelling Images and Videos

Videos generate 1,200% more shares compared to text and images combined. And what’s a better restaurant marketing technique than uploading brief shots of mouthwatering recipes, happy customers, and special events?

Use videos to promote offers, and special menus, feature your customers/employees, share “behind the scenes” photos, cooking tutorials, & more!

Another way to use videos in your marketing strategy is Facebook Live.
Because an average person spends 3X more time on a live video than a normal one!

86% of Millennials will try a new restaurant after seeing food-related content online.

Besides videos, images engage better and spark more interaction than text-only posts. You can reach more potential customers by building a solid social presence and posting captivating food images.

Don’t have time to manage what goes on your social media? Try using an automated scheduling tool such as Practina to simplify restaurant marketing for your business! It will craft beautiful posts with the right content, visuals, and hashtags for maximum engagement.

4:- Behind The Scenes Content

Even pictures of the most delectable recipes can start feeling impersonal after some time. So how do you breathe life into your feed and attract your audience?

Behind-the-scenes content is the answer!

Other than sharing high-quality photos of your dishes, keep posting BTS pictures and videos of what goes on behind the curtains.

Restaurant-goers love to see inside the kitchens, how-tos, and candid captures. You can also attract potential customers by posting the tutorial of your signature dish. The best thing is your staff is already doing the work; you only need to film it in high quality.

A Quick Note: Before filming, ensure the kitchen is clean & appealing. Showcase your most popular recipes. Try to keep the videos short or use a time-lapse to give viewers more information in less time.

5:- Post at Optimal Times

The saying “timing is everything” is specifically true for restaurants while posting on social media. If your specialty is lunch, you wouldn’t want to upload a picture of your meal at midnight.

Furthermore, you want to ensure you know when your target audience is the most active on social media. Doing so increases your engagement and conveys your message to the right people.

Any idea when is the right time to post?

An automated restaurant marketing tool like Practina knows what, when, and where to post to bring a maximum response. The software creates, schedules, and publishes posts on your behalf on all connected social media platforms to ease your burden.

6:- Respond to Reviews

Using customer reviews as a part of social media marketing for restaurants is like promoting your business for free. By commenting on or re-sharing posts, you can bring a positive response from existing and new customers. 

As far as negative reviews are concerned, reputation management is the foundation of a restaurant. A bad review, if left unchecked, could trigger countless potential customers to question if they should visit your restaurant.

  • 71% of people agree they are more likely to recommend a brand that responds faster to them on social media.
  • 92% of users read restaurant reviews before visiting.

Respond immediately to your customers regardless of a positive or a negative review. Replying instantly to a negative review may help resolve the situation quickly. You can even show off how you turned a negative review into a satisfied customer!

For the positive ones, why not brag a bit about your USPs and happy customers on your social media accounts?

You can use a tool to post your best-rated reviews online or do it manually.

A Quick note: Reviews help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Use them as a way to improve your services. Your customers additionally love it when you accept and take the initiative to improve.

7:- Share Your Menu

Digital food ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.

Having your menu on the website is not enough. You need to make it available in your social content. You can even include it on a tab on your Facebook Page. Just make it handy wherever your visitors are trying to find you.

If you have a new or chef’s special recipe – post about it and put a link to your website or social accounts. This way, your restaurant can drive more fans and visitors.

8:- Share User-Generated Content

Nearly 85% of the restaurant-goers agree they’d post a positive restaurant experience.

UGC is among the best restaurant marketing techniques to grab attention. Thousands of users tag cafes, restaurants, & eateries in their social media posts.

And the good thing is – not all of these are sponsored!

People love to share their experiences online. You only have to re-share it.

Give your customers a spotlight opportunity while enjoying free marketing. Sharing user-generated content further helps build trust among people planning to visit your business.

Your fans are doing 95% of the job by taking & posting photos of your restaurant and promoting them publicly. By reposting, you are connecting with them while showing other people you are in touch with your community.

Tips to share user-generated content:
* Re-share user photos that are captured in your restaurant.
* Ask your customers to leave video testimonials for your restaurant.
* Post feedback and other experiences shared by frequent visitors.

9:- Come Up With Offer Deals and Contests

Who doesn’t like to get free fries with a Mac?

For successful social media marketing for restaurants, keep coming back with special offers, deals, giveaways, and contests. It creates engagement and attracts more visitors.

Small gifts can go a long way in bringing you short-term attention and serving long-term marketing goals. Polls, deals, or contests offer your audience a quick incentive in exchange for their email addresses. Eventually, you can promote your products & services over time to build more awareness, interest, and loyalty.

10:- Use Ads to Promote on a Wider Scale

Roughly 93% of social media marketers use Facebook ads.

Instagram now also offers ad options for businesses to reach more customers.

Google Ads have always been a popular advertising method for brands to grab more attention & conversions.

Use the rich targeting options these platforms offer to bring in more sales. Moreover, geo-targeting lets you advertise to specific people in your local area. So many restaurants exhaust their marketing budgets on an audience not included in their local area. Here, geo-targeted ads are a smart move to spend wisely on people who will ‘actually’ visit you.

Don’t have enough experience in marketing? No problem!

You don’t have to hire a pricey restaurant marketing agency or spend your budget on restaurant marketing companies that talk more and do less.

An automated social media marketing tool can handle your marketing while keeping your budget manageable.

BONUS TIP: Use Social Media Tools to Simplify Restaurant Marketing

Nearly 80% of restaurants are switching to technology. Online reservations, food ordering, & inventory apps are in high demand for helping restaurant owners run their businesses successfully and efficiently.

Fortunately, you will find tools to simplify the marketing process for you. From automating post creation and scheduling to handling your positive reviews & ad campaigns – you can automate your social media marketing for a fraction of the cost you would spend on regular restaurant marketing companies.

The choice is yours :
Stick to the ordinary & be forgotten
Rule the hearts of your customers & social media!

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