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Unlike Baccarat, the famous roulette or Dragon Tiger is an easy online casino game to play at KU Casino because the betting rules are pretty simple. Well, Kubet stew is ultimately the opposite. If you are a newbie, jumping into the table of a fantastic game may not understand anything. 

So is it hard to play cool? The game’s rules are sometimes difficult to chew and hard to remember. But when mastered, then this is the “easy to crush” casino game. In this article, KUBET will guide you on how to play the most fabulous card that is easy to understand, increasing your chances of winning when playing at the Live KU Casino lobby.

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What is incredible stew?

Bullfight (English name is Bullfight) is an online casino game that uses a 52-card deck divided into three hands: Banker, House 2, and House 3. Each play deals five cards to the three of them in order. Certain self. At KUBET’s Live KU Casino lobby, the Dealer (Dealer) will hand out five cards to the House 2 house, then five cards to House 3, and finally five cards to the Banker. If counting in a circle, the Dealer deals counter-clockwise (2, 3, and then the card).

Another point of Kubet’s coolness compared to Baccarat or Dragon Tiger is that the deck is repeated, not when the cards are dealt with and discarded. Therefore, there is also a very professional shuffle of cards from the Dealers at the beginning of the game.

The way to calculate points at Kubet is a bit more complicated.

• Specifically: Piece A counts as 1 point, Pieces 10, J, Q, or K count as 10 points, and pieces 2-9 count with the number of points on the card.

• In 5 cards, three cards will be dealt with a total of 10, and Ku casino will add the remaining two cards together to calculate the points in the row of the unit.

• For example, if five cards are 3,8.9.J,2, then this capacitor’s Cool Point will be 2 (called Cool 2 because 8, J, and 2 make up a multiple of 10, leaving 3+ remaining). 9=12, then take the unit as 2)

• Then compare the Cool scores of the three hands, and see which hand you bet on to win or lose all your money

• Many of you will wonder, what if three cards do not create a round combination? Then we will call that capacitor No Cool

• When comparing two non-Cool capacitors, the one with the highest card will win. Example K>Q>J>10

The doors placed in the card game Cool Kubet eat enough

At KUBET Live lobby KU Casino, if you are an old member, it is no longer strange to have two types of “eaten” and “classic” games in casino games. If you eat enough, there will be a ratio of 1: 1 for average bets.

Kubet card game, to the four doors that place Sam and the Beast, there are also eight popular doors with a ratio of 1: 1, even though they are in eight different states of 2 sets of 2 and 3. Kubet can install both capacitors at the same time. That means you can play two hands simultaneously without making any mistakes. The 12 bets differ only in the maximum bet. For example, on Sam’s door, you can only bet up to 2000 points, while in Normal, you can bet up to 20,000 points, which means ten times more.

Doubling is a gamble of chance, if you win, you will win big, and if you lose, you will also lose very hard. As follows:

In the table above, if the player places a Double bet for the house of 2, if the opening card is Cool Vault, you will get three times the bet. If the Dealer wins, you lose two more times your stake. That means money will go up quickly or evaporate as soon as possible. This bet is a highly adventurous place. Not for newbies

The doors are in the classic card game Cool Tunnel at KUBET

Unlike the game Cool Stew eats enough, in the classic Cool Stew, you have a lower eating rate than the 12 commonly placed doors. The stable door is 1:0.96, and the double door is in the following table.

The incredible players all recommend playing the casino game to eat enough because it is easier to calculate than to lose, and it is not too much of a headache to see why your winnings are missing (missing).

However, if you are a new player, try the classic because this game also has the possibility of refunding when you lose. For example, if you bet 2000 points on Sam but lose, you will get 12 points back.

Experience playing Cool Online at KUBET Casino

The following experiences compiled by are the most basic playing strategies in a fantastic casino game. To learn more secrets from casino masters, you should join Zalo groups specializing in casinos to listen to their sharing and apply to their playing school.

Start betting with 10 points.

With a newbie, you should not bet too big. It’s not a matter of money. It’s a psychological problem. When the mind is not stable, the bet will be easy to make mistakes.

To make money, you must learn to be patient, not listen to offers. Let’s start a 10-point bet with at least 100 hands first. After 100 games, if the win rate is more than 50%, then it’s time to increase your chance. Be bolder with 100 points. At that time, win or lose, your mind is already stable. Winning/losing at that time depends on your wisdom and luck, no longer affected by weak nerves.

Statistics of winning and losing results of 2 and 3 are vital.

Statistical examination of the winning and losing results of the 2nd and 3rd house are critical but are rarely by new gamers.

As illustrated above, what is these two houses’ loss/win ratio? What do you think about House 2?

Above, the loss rate of House 2 is unusually high. In comparison, the win rate is low. So if it is a bet, you should choose Con 2 to lose. The odds of winning the last chance will be higher.

Ku casino can apply this tip to all other cases. You should follow which capacitor has a different win/lose ratio because your chances of winning will be higher.

Do not play Double, Sam, and Animal doors.

Not applicable to masters, but for regular players, you should only place the winning (win/lose) door of 2 houses.

This bet is a game to at least not lose, not a new player that has evaporated all the money I deposited, which is not good at all. Because then you will be psychological.

KUBET repeats it. For the masters, Players can ignore it because they are too connoisseurs. As for those who are new to the game of Cool Dungeon, place low bets and safe bets. Do not place odds higher than 2. That is, on the 12 doors of the Dungeon, you should only put four regular doors for 2 Con houses.

Fan tan online: How to play, experience playing fan tan at KU Casino

Fan Tan online is revolutionary as an ancient Chinese game, which became popular and declined before making a powerful comeback online in late 2019 or early 2020. Removing cumbersome rules, Fan Tan KUBET Casino aims at perfect and beautiful gameplay but still ensures simplicity.

In this article, we will guide those new to this fan tan casino game on the basic rules, rules of the game, and some of the easiest-to-understand online fan tan experiences. However, if you already have a Kubet account, it will be easier to understand this article and practice it directly on your account.

If you still don’t have an account, register now to play and make money fast.

Rules, how to play Fan tan Casino

In it, there will be bets and explanations. Do you understand these bets? If not, that’s okay because everyone new is the same.

Imagine the following:

• When you log in to the Live lobby and select the game Fan tan, you will see that in the center of the Casino table, there are four triangles of red, blue, white, and gray colors combined to form a square block like this. At first glance, there is nothing special except that the four triangles will have relatively different odds

• Now scroll up, and look at the odds table that KUBET has listed at the top of the article.

• when placing a Fan bet, which is equivalent to betting on 1 number from 1 to 4 (we still don’t understand what number is), then if we win, we will get the corresponding payout ratio. The example above the illustration is to set 1 to 2.85 for the case of a 3-digit door (Fan door).

• Now, it’s no longer hidden from you. KU Casino would like to explain it more carefully so that you understand what Fan 1,2,3,4 means

• When starting to enter the table, the beautiful Dealer will take a jar with a tight lid, remove it from the pile of white buttons available on the table, and take out a random number (unknown in advance, enough to be challenging to guess)

• Then the Dealer starts to let everyone bet

• When the bet is, the Dealer starts counting the number of buttons he has taken and then divides by 4 (by measuring gradually, each time taking out four buttons). The remaining balance will be the final result of the bet table.


• Because of division by 4, there will only be four final remainders: 1, 2, 3, or 4 (i.e., divisible)

• Even/odd bet is the Xoc Dia, Tai Sieu game that other halls still play daily. The win/loss ratio is the same. Order 1 to eat 0.95

• Placing Nim, Kwok, Russia, or SSH is a bit different, but the common point is still betting on numbers, from 2 to 3 digits (instead of placing Fan, using only 1 number)

• Specifically, placing Nim means choosing two numbers, one win, one draw. If you lose, you lose less. If you win, eat just right, not eat as much as set Fan, only 1 eat 1.19

Experience playing Fan tan online

It is complicated to share these valuable experiences because if everyone does the same, the players will eat together, and the piece of cake will be among too many people.

However, nothing is absolute, so for you to want to earn more from this Fan tan casino game, please join a closed group to discuss more (not only Fan tan but also Xoc Dia Tai faint). Baccarat too.) Here is a summary of the easiest ways to play Fan tan for newbies.

Do not play Nim, Kwok, or Russia, SSH

Why, it’s simply Fan Tan, not Nim Tan or Kwok tan.

• Because the Dealer will do it very quickly to take out four buttons in a row. You only see the results in the blink of an eye. This bet will make the time to play a game of Fan Tan relatively short. Sometimes less than 1 minute is long.

• Nim, Kwok, Russian, or SSH bets are complicated, taking time to reason, think and calculate while betting time is in seconds. So, make it easy to book the door, easy to calculate

• Casino, if you have a headache, why play? Play for fun, to find luck for money. If you want to fight intellectually, there’s no shortage of cards, right, cool Poker for example

• Because, so enjoy the four basic Fan Tan doors. Especially for newbies, you need to be careful, don’t throw money out the window with new entries.

Experience playing with statistics

• Statistics are the strengths of good and bad casino players. Bad people order good luck. The good people smoke a cigarette and stare at the bets. Talking numbers will tell them what to do next.

• In the illustration above, can you see which bridge is dominant? Odd (L) or Even (C)?

• According to the last ten games, Even prevails, but you should note that even games win in a row, and Odd games only have 1 or 2 in a row, so on the next door, when there is an even winning before, boldly choose the oven door

• Imagine this is the statistical probability. If you set a large window, the advantage will be more considerable. If you break the bridge in the next match, the likelihood of a big bet will still win.

• In summary: Choose which door shows more winning statistics. When you hit all ten games, win, six losses, four still make a profit, even a big payoff if you know the advanced folding method.

The difference in Fan tan

Unlike dice, kubet roulette or Baccarat kubet are games available in multiple lobbies simultaneously, including Live Ku Casino Lobby and 3D lobby, while Fan Tan only appears in Live lobby games. You will not be able to find any Fan Tan 3D game. Interesting.

Kubet – Ku casino the best bookie in Vietnam

That’s it. KUBET has fully introduced all the secrets to understanding Fan Tan’s rules and even sharing playing tips and experiences of playing Fan Tan online that you won’t find anywhere. Anywhere. I wish you luck when experiencing playing Fan tan online. Don’t forget to like and share this article if you find it useful. Remember to bookmark it for next time if you forget how to play.

Good luck with your choice, and don’t forget to leave a comment showing off your winnings at KUBET Casino in this Cool Kubet game!


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