Signs of a Legit Trading Mentor

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves,” said Steven Spielberg, an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He began his career in the New Hollywood era and is currently the most commercially successful director.

Well, trading is not an easy task. If you don’t know your subject thoroughly, you won’t succeed. To make your journey as a Forex trader great, you need to find a legitimate mentor for yourself.

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Here are five signs of a legitimate trading mentor:

You can be trusted:

The first thing to know if your trading mentor is legit or not is to find out their real credibility. If they have proper evidence of what they are talking about, you can be sure that you will benefit from their help.

If your mentor has more than five years of experience with their Forex trading process, then only they can be trusted as a legitimate trading mentor.

They inspire you:

A good mentor will make sure you seek out your full progress report so they can help you identify areas where you need further improvement. The right mentoring can help you go beyond your job. Try to have regular conversations with your mentor about future goals and opportunities, and this can also help you develop a better relationship with your mentor. One of the best this about a mentor is that they will inspire you to achieve your future goals.

You believe them:

You need to provide clear communication to your mentor so you can be sure to share your concerns and c:oncerns. You may have the opportunity to follow their Forex trading style, but a good mentor will give you a much better chance of becoming a successful trader. But the most important thing to be successful is that you have to trust your mentor completely, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to grow as a trader.

You honest:

If your mentor offers you 100% success in your trading career then think twice before taking his advice because the forex market is relentless and no one can guarantee your 100% success in trading.

But if your mentor is honest, he will explain the whole trading process to you and also explain to you that forex trading is not an easy business. A good mentor will always support you in difficult times.

They help you become your own trader:

Well, if you find the right mentor for your business principles, they will help you build the confidence to make the right decisions for yourself. Your trading mentor may not be available in the same time zone as you, so they will help you develop your skills for your independent decisions.

Just think of scammers and scammers, there are a lot of them hanging around.

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