A Guide About Best Grab Bars for Elderly In Pennsylvania

Doing your daily chores at home becomes way easier and more fun when you have grab bars for elderly present in your home. People suffering from a lack of strength, balance, or endurance due to aging can now turn towards getting the necessary aids in their house for an easy life. You can design your living space to live independently without the need of others.

In this article, we will see some home modifications like grab bars and stair lifts for elderly in Pennsylvania so that seniors and other patients stay independent while taking care of themselves.

Why Do You Need Grab Bars for Elderly?

Grab bars are graspable bars to help someone maintain balance and lessen fatigue while standing. Grab bars for elderly are helpful for those with physical challenges and non-disabled people alike. The round bars will help you maintain balance while showering or standing, and they are straightforward to install when guided in the right way.

The versatility of Grab Bars for Elderly 

Installing grab bars for seniors is an important safety addition to your bathroom, and they also add a decorative touch. Vertical, horizontal, or diagonal – all make your bathroom safer while adding a timeless look. 

Vertical grab bars are easier to grip, help with limited balance, and are easier to use for people with arthritis. Because of the direction, though, vertical grab bars provide less wall coverage when you’re walking than other grab bars.

Horizontal grab bars can be a great way to get in and out of a wheelchair and into the tub. Some people don’t like the fixed height because they are so tall or so small. Getting comfortable with one of these when you have a disability can take some time and practice.

Diagonal grab bars are best for the toilet, walk-in shower, or tub. You can get a diagonal grab bar that is curved, so it fits around your toilet or tub. A diagonal grab bar can provide the best support. It can accommodate several different heights, provides a more natural movement of the hands and wrist when you grab it, and helps transition from sitting to standing smoothly. If you buy a bar with a textured surface, it’ll make it even easier to grip!

Find the best Installation Services Near You

Whenever you are going to install any type of grab bars for elderly in Pennsylvania, always trust a well-known company that offers high-quality installation services to modify your home according to the needs of seniors.

Now, we explore the need for stair lifts for elderly in Pennsylvania.

Why are Stair lifts Useful for Seniors?

A stairlift is an ingenious device that helps increase the accessibility of people with mobility problems to their homes. Installing a stair lift for elderly can make people with limited mobility feel like they are in charge once again, as they can access their entire house independently. This gives them control over potential health issues, such as dizziness and fatigue, resulting from taking the stairs.

Versatility of Stair lifts for Elderly in Pennsylvania

Would it be helpful to have a stair lift for seniors? If you or an aging loved one frequently travels up, and down the stairs, a stair lift can make it easier and more comfortable. Perhaps you need some assistance getting home from the hospital after surgery, or you’re worried about your safety on the stairs after a recent fall. There are two basic types of stair lifts: straight and curved.

Straight stair lifts for disabled and elderly tend to be more affordable equipment as they typically require less time and work for the manufacturer, who will often have them in stock. Though this is not a disadvantage, these units are not completely customized to your home because most homes’ stairs are standard in size and steepness, making the straight lift a great fit. 

A curved stair lift for seniors has a curved track made specifically for your staircase by the manufacturer. Each unit is custom made and sized to fit snugly on its designated staircase, so you’ll need to make an appointment for an expert to come over and take measurements of your stairs before you can order one.

Benefits of Installing Stair lifts for the Elderly in Pennsylvania

A stair lift for seniors may be a great option if you face problems moving up/down on stairs due to limited mobility, weakened muscles, or lack of stability. Stair lifts help eliminate the risk of falls and accidents on the stairs, and they provide seniors with a more convenient way to get up and down the stairs.

Decline the risk of injuries

Stair lifts for seniors do more than just eliminate the fear of falling down a flight of stairs. Seniors can get upstairs and downstairs, which means their lives will be much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Convenient to use

There are many stairlifts, but they all work in the same way. Sit on the seat and secure your safety belt. Press and hold the rocker switch to start moving up or down, and release it to stop.

Restore Independence

Stair lifts help those with stairs who have difficulty climbing the stairs because of an injury to their knee, lower back, or hip. As we age, stairs become more complex, and for some, the difficulty is limited to using the basement or upper level of a home.

A Quick Wrap Up

If you are searching for a reputable company in Pennsylvania that offers grab bars and stair lifts for elderly at affordable rates. Then your search has now ended.

SPN Construction Mobility provides both grab bars and stair lifts to meet the home modification needs of seniors. We strive hard to provide you with the solutions you need to improve safety and mobility at home or business.

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