The most beautiful travel destinations with dogs

If you want to go on holiday with your dog, you should ask yourself a few questions at the beginning: Where should you go? What do I want to do? What dog-friendly activities are on the schedule? To make it easier for you to find a suitable holiday destination, we have put together a selection of beautiful travel destinations with dogs.

Which travel destination suits me and my dog?

When choosing a travel destination, it is particularly important to know your dog’s preferences. Does he need a lot of exercises? Does he like swimming? Is it a young dog or an older animal? Does he have long or short fur, is he big or small? In short, all of these factors play a major role. What is a relaxing, sunny and warm climate for humans can be sheer horror for a large dog with a lot of furs, for example? The right travel accessories, such as a travel bowl, a drinking bottle, and a first-aid kit, should not be missing on a long trip with a dog. To ensure that your animal companion does not lack anything during your vacation, you should have a checklist ready before you travel.

You should also consider the distance to the destination and how to get there. There are dog-friendly holiday regions all over Europe, but the long journey can be quite a strain on the dog. But why expect the dog to travel long distances when you can find ideal conditions for a great holiday with your dog nearby? Take the test now and find out which holiday destination suits you and your dog!

The most beautiful travel destinations with dogs in Germany

A holiday in Germany is particularly relaxing for puppies or old dogs. But you can also make your adult dog happy with a shorter journey. In short, Germany is one of the most dog-friendly travel destinations. Most holiday regions are ideal for active and animal-loving people who do not want to leave their four-legged friends behind alone. Above all, there are also holiday destinations where you can enjoy nature together with your pitbull corgi mix dog. Holiday resorts by the sea, such as the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, are ideal for holidays with dogs. However, a holiday in Bavaria, in the Thuringian Forest or in the Harz Mountains is just as nice. For sporty people, however, a holiday in the Alps is recommended.

Destinations with dogs by the sea

A holiday on the German North Sea or Baltic Sea is particularly suitable if both dog and human-like to swim and relax on the beach. The overall range of accommodation for families with pets is correspondingly extensive. There is hardly any other region where there are more dog-friendly bathing spots. The conditions on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea are similar for dogs. However, you should be aware that a pure bathing holiday on the beach can quickly become boring for the dog. Young four-legged friends, in particular, do not want to lie lazily on the beach all day.

Employment of any kind is therefore useful when holidaying with your animal companion. Whether fetch games, hikes, or relaxed walks, your dog will be happy about a change on holiday. Holidaymakers with pets will find a wide range of activities on the Baltic Sea coast. On Usedom or Rügen, for example, you can take long, relaxing walks on the beach. Boat trips or bicycle tours are also the order of the day on the coast.

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Important selection criterion – dog beach!

When choosing a destination by the sea, make sure that there is a beautiful dog beach nearby. Ideally, there is no leash requirement on this one. On the Baltic Sea, for example, you will find beautiful dog beaches in Grömitz, Trassenheide, Travemünde, Kuehlungsborn, and Damp, where your dog will feel right at home. The North Sea scores with dog beaches in Norddeich, Dornum, and on the island of Juist. In Dornum you will find not only the beautiful dog beach but also an agility fun park where your dog can really let off steam.

Even if there are many dog ​​beaches without a leash, a vacation with your dog by the sea is recommended in the off-season. From October to April you can walk your dog on all beaches in most regions on the North and Baltic Seas. In addition, the vacation spots are no longer overcrowded. To avoid the high season if possible!

Hiking holiday in the mountains with a dog

If you don’t like a beach holiday and would like to experience a little more action, you’ll find holiday happiness in the Alps. Large, long-haired animals in particular are better off in the dizzy heights than on the beach. Mild temperatures, healthy air, and well-developed hiking trails make the mountains one of the most popular travel destinations with dogs. A stay in the Allgäu is particularly recommended, as the area is ideal for a hiking holiday with a dog. Many restaurants even offer a dog bar for four-legged friends so that they can strengthen themselves after a strenuous hike.

If you want it even more mountainous, you can drive a few kilometers further and explore neighboring Austria with your dog. Here your dogs get enough exercise and can really work out. If you fancy a stop, you don’t have to look far for dog-friendly inns here either. Incidentally, you will find a particularly large number of dog-friendly accommodations in Tyrol and Styria.

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