A disturbing day at work, an excessive amount of solar exposure, skipping breakfast. all of those can bring about a splitting headache which makes you need to scream in ache. Instead of popping painkillers day in and out, strive a healthier, much less poisonous manner out subsequent time, with the assist of Ayurveda. The centuries-vintage technological know-how perspectives illnesses from a holistic factor of view and prescribes food, routine, and way of life alternate extra than medication.

According to Ayurveda Massage in Salmiya, each human frame has factors of the 3 doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Any imbalance in those 3 doshas results in illnesses, and they need to be handled with the aid of using addressing the imbalance. Headaches, too, are also be labeled into 3 dosha complications. Here’s an outline of the 3 and the remedy methods.

Vata headache

A throbbing headache that is a band is tightening around your neck and again of the pinnacle is a Vata headache triggered especially with the aid of using stress, anxiety, or emotional turmoil. Going with outright sleep also can motivate a Vata headache. Vata is related to the detail of air, and to alleviate a Vata headache and dryness that includes it, one needs to hydrate frame.

Take masses of relaxation and drink heat water. In excessive cases, you could additionally administer nasya into the nostrils with some drops of sesame oil. Focus on enjoyable the frame with deep respiratory sporting activities and massages.

Pitta headache

Pitta complications originate from the temple, flow to the middle of the pinnacle. And are characterized with a aid of using sharp and capturing pains. Nausea, sensitivity to vivid lights, smells, and sounds are all symptoms. They are irritated with the aid of using spiced and bitter meals.

The dosha related to Pitta is fire and to stability the fire (acidity). detail, one needs to recognize effortlessly digestible food. Avoid highly spiced and bitter meals, and devour candy and cooling meals like cucumber. Patients need to additionally strive for enjoyable yogasanas and massaging heat coconut oil at the scalp.

Kapha headache

Kapha headache is probably the maximum long-lasting and debilitating. Because it originates from the buildup of phlegm withinside the nasal cavities and the pinnacle. The headache might experience like a stupid ache withinside the again of the pinnacle, cheeks, and above the eyes. It can irritate you while you wash your hair or bend your head down.

The answer is to ease phlegm with the aid of using breathing in steam a couple of instances a day. 

Besides those, complications can also integrate exclusive doshas, like a Vata-Pitta headache or a Pitta-Kapha headache.

As a well-known rule, Ayurveda dictates that one needs to loosen up with everyday yoga and meditation practice. There are particular postures for complications, just like the Setu Bandhasana, Paschimottasana, Anusirasana, and Balasana

Along with working towards those, one needs to add sleep as a minimum of 7 hours each night, avoid fresh beverages like alcohol, tea, and coffee, consume food on time, keep away from excessive climate conditions, and work out regularly.

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