Six tips to create powerful networking experiences at hybrid events.

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The biggest challenge of a hybrid event is connecting with the audience and getting the audience connected with each other even after the event is completed. In a hybrid event, we are connecting both the virtual and a physical event together and catering to a larger audience base.

It is mandatory to keep the audience engaged during the event and create opportunities to foster meaningful connections among them and with the sponsor for an extended period of time. Thus, networking is a mandatory tool in hybrid events, to keep the audience connected and engaged, irrespective of the content.

Importance of networking in Hybrid events:

The major challenge that hybrid events have to face is engagement. Keeping the audience engaged and offering them ample opportunities to connect and network without any hassles are the things that event marketers have to struggle with. In hybrid events, it becomes mandatory to keep both the in-person and the virtual audience on the same platform.

Though networking will not be a problem for a physical audience, it is never a piece of cake for the virtual audience participating in remote locations. Thus, leveraging on the best networking opportunities for the virtual audience is a must to ensure the success of the event.

Tips for creating powerful networking experiences:

In a hybrid event, the content is streamed from a physical venue to a virtual venue and the audience interacts with it with the help of software or live chat. Creating the connection between the physical and virtual audience is mandatory for the success of the hybrid events.  It is thus mandatory for the hybrid platform to target facilitated networking to enhance the real engagement and interaction of the audience. Here are some good networking tips that help hybrid events work.

1. Foster the power of AI to boost networking in hybrid events:

The best hybrid event platforms adopt automated approaches to boost the networking of their hybrid events. Adapting to artificial intelligence tools helps in connecting like-minded individuals from remote locations and helps create meaningful connections between them.

These AI tools offer recommendations based on the interests of the participants to offer networking opportunities, making the work all the easier. The event organizers need not work on finding relevant people with mutual interests and connecting them. The best hybrid event platform India makes use of AI-powered networking tips to help businesses to thrive with their intelligent matchmaking efforts.

best hybrid event platform India

2. Gamification in virtual events:

Indulging in interesting games is a universal pass time that interests all sorts of people. Incorporating gamification techniques in the hybrid events can be an excellent idea to involve the attendees and create a chance for them to network with other participants as well.

Some fruitful games that can be incorporated in the hybrid events are conducting treasure hunts by hiding objects both physically and digitally, conducting quiz competitions between the online and in-person participants, etc. Reward systems for the top five best performers in the form of vouchers and coupons can boost the scope of networking to great levels. 

3. Improve audience interaction through live chats and workshops:

Nearly all hybrid event platforms have a live chat feature and these are great avenues to spark a debate between the audiences. With a little encouragement, it is possible to make the audience feel more confident in starting a conversation on the live feed of the hybrid event platform.

Also, instead of keeping all the sessions going on with talk and presentations, it could be a great idea to add interactive workshop sessions in the event to get the attendees to work together and network better. The best hybrid event platform in India, Virtex keeps networking as a part of its agenda. It hosts an exceptional online platform that allows the attendees to share their findings and connect better and also holds the technological requirements to incorporate them into the events. 

4. Allow the event attendees to exchange information mutually:

To boost the networking at a hybrid event, the attendees can exchange their business cards and contact details with the attendees, the sponsors, and the exhibitors. This will help them to network with the relevant people even after the event gets over. Popular hybrid network platforms like Virtex will infuse two-way video conferencing in their event to establish communication between the speaker and the remote attendee and the other participants will be able to speculate the conversation. This helps them to communicate and network in the future even after the event ends. best hybrid event platform India

5. Use virtual networking tables 

The virtual event attendees can be offered a networking space to have discussions similar to physical events. This will facilitate them to have group discussions and meaningful conversations in real-time over the virtual networking lounges through its video and chat functionalities. It is also a good idea to include social media walls during live streams of events to boost networking in hybrid events.

6. Encourage chats, quizzes, and live polls in the hybrid event:

The live polls and surveys, quizzes, and live chat sessions offer tremendous scope to enhance the networking potential of the hybrid events. The hybrid event platform should ensure that all the audience have access to the chatroom and share their interactive moments. This reinforces the connection between the attendees and makes it easy for them to collaborate easily with each other in the future. 

Bottom Line:

Apart from the content, Networking is one of the major reasons for attending a hybrid event. Thus it is mandatory to offer both the in-person and the virtual attendees a lot of opportunities to network with each other. Virtex hosts the best hybrid events in India, where AI networking is used to forge facilitated networking for specific events among the audience.

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