Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling to Australia on an ETA Subclass 601

Visa Subclass 601

In recent years, all offices are inclining towards digital management of official proceedings. The main target behind this concept is to reduce the paper load of different applications and save the space one would need to store them. The same principle is followed by the Australian immigration department with the Visa Subclass 601. Residents from any nation can get this visa. With this particular electronic document – individuals can get respite from sending scores of paper documents to the department.

Usually, residents of different countries have to acquire specific visas to visit Australia – except for citizens of New Zealand. Likewise, visa 601 is available for some specific countries, and the e-visitor subclass 651 visa will be more applicable for European citizens visiting Australia.

The eligible countries for 601 visa

Australia places strict conditions to allow overseas citizens to enter the country through ETA 601 visas. The passport holders of the following countries are eligible to apply and receive the ETA visa:

    • Andorra

    • Austria

    • Belgium

    • Vatican City

    • Brunei

    • Canada

    • Denmark

    • Finland

    • France

    • Germany

    • Greece

    • Hong Kong (SAR of China)

    • Iceland

    • Ireland

    • Italy

    • Japan

    • Liechtenstein

    • Singapore

    • Spain

    • South Korea

    • Switzerland

    • Sweden

    • Taiwan (excluding formal or consular passports)

    • United Kingdom—British Citizen

    • The Netherlands

    • the United States of America

    • United Kingdom—British National (Overseas)

    • Luxembourg

    • Malta

    • Malaysia

    • Monaco

    • Portugal

    • Republic of San Marino

    • Norway

However, some conditions exist for acceptance if someone applies for this particular visa.

These conditions are listed below:

    • Multiple passport holders will have to declare this information and mention the details of each of their passports in their ETA application. 

Visa Subclass 601

    • Australian citizens holding another ETA-eligible passport do not need to apply for a 601 Visa to gain entry into the country, as they have an automatic right of entry. 

Although, in the current situation, the applications for ETA may take more time to process. 

The requirements for an ETA visa

The ETA Visa Australia necessities need to be achieved appropriately and fittingly, and some of the requirements are cited below:

    • Persons or qualified citizens can effortlessly choose the ETA 601 visa for Australia through the online platform. The department will provide the application form to all applicants, and they must fill out the application form with their complete and real name and personal information.

    • The applicant must provide data on the passport information page will, and it is also essential to indicate whether the visit is for commercial or vacation-related purposes.

    • It is also important to provide the particulars for the debit or credit card so that the applicant can reimburse the Eta Subclass 601 application fee for the visa without any problems. Before applying for the ETA visa, they must fulfil all the health and character requirements.

    • If an individual has been incarcerated for over a year, they are not entitled to the ETA 601 visa. They can apply for another type of visa or a visitor visa as a replacement. If individuals come to the country with their family members, everyone needs to apply for an eVisitor 601 separately.

    • All applicants should review each of their documents and information before submitting it online. The processing time might take longer than usual if any incorrect detail or spelling mistake is present.

    • Applicants also need to share their original and effective email addresses because they will receive their ETA 601 visa as a PDF file in their email. Once the applicants receive their Visa Subclass 601 visa, they must keep a printed copy for presenting at the border control while entering the nation.

    • It is best to consult an experienced Immigration Consultant Perth while applying for this visa, as they can help solve the upcoming problems. They can explain the detail of the application procedure – especially on the correct way to apply for this visa and all the necessities the applicant needs to achieve. 

    • The applicant must be a genuine visitor – meaning they must stay temporarily in Australia and obey any condition attached with the visa. The department reserves the right to ask about your purpose of travel any time you enter Australia – if you stay here for long periods or make frequent visits to Australia. Your ETA may be withdrawn if your genuine visitor status is proved to be false. 

    • The applicant has to meet the visa’s standard health and character requirement. For example, they have to be vaccinated against tuberculosis to enter and live in Australia. Especially, they should go for another appropriate visa – if they have a criminal record in their country and mention it. The department will cancel their ETA visa if they have such records and ignore mentioning them in their application. 

    • The applicant or their family members (including those who haven’t applied for the visa) must pay back any outstanding debt to the Australian government or arrange for the payment.

    • The department can reject this visa if it is proven to be against the best interest of any child of the applicant. Incidentally, any individual below the age of 18 is considered a child. 

    • The applicant has to be outside Australia at the time of application. 

The benefits of ETA 601 visa

The ETA Visa Australia allows the holder many advantages and permissions while present in Australian borders. Some of these benefits are mentioned below: 

    1. The holders can use the visa for going on a cruise or partying in Australia along with visiting family and friends in the country. 

    2. Applicants can also enter and study in the country or get to conclude their respective training courses by this visa. 

    3. People engaged in volunteer work can also continue their job in Australia with the help of this visa. Moreover, people wishing to enter Australia for business purposes can also use this visa.

    4. This visa is also applicable for persons looking to attend meetings, seminars, business parties, conferences, and trade fairs in Australia. If you face any issue while applying for this visa or want to know more about the visa proceedings, it is best to take the problem to an experienced visa agent for the quickest resolution. 

    5. The visa allows the holder to visit Australia multiple times, as they wish, within one year. They can stay for full three months during a single visit. 

Processing time and cost of the visa

There is no application charge or VAC to apply for the visa subclass 601, but an application service charge of AUD20 is required for the processing. The department offers three options in the processing times – standard processing time, rush processing time, and super rush processing time. However, there is no official limit on how much time the visa will take to get processed under the current conditions. 

Utility of engaging a professional visa expert

The nuances of the set conditions and the workarounds of visa 601 are not the job of a fresh applicant. They should submit the correct and appropriate document – otherwise, the department can reject their visa application. Even small errors like spelling mistakes can extend the processing times significantly. Therefore, it is better to consult the most recommended Visa Consultant Perth and arrange the documents as per their guidance. The chances of acceptance of an application increase when it is applied professionally and completely. 

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