How to Create Attractive Email Headers Design with Examples

Email Headers

Email headers are the message that appears at the top of an email, and they contain a variety of information including sender details like name and email address, date and time it was sent, and more.

While some may be more concerned with optimizing click-through rates than others, we think everyone can benefit from beautifully designed email headers.

Email headers serve as an introduction for your emails to subscribers, so it’s important to get them right. If you get this part wrong (and no one reads your emails), then all of your hard work will go down the drain!

What makes a good design?

The header should reflect how your brand is perceived by customers as if they saw it on a storefront or marketing material. That means including relevant branding and imagery to reflect your business and company culture. Email headers can be simple if that’s what your brand is about, or you could go full-on emoji with dozens of characters if that’s what gets the message across.

How do I create a good email header design?

Keep it short, sweet, and to the point so as not to waste precious screen space (as most people review their email on mobile devices). You don’t need all those bells and whistles — there’s no need to hire a dedicated graphic designer for this task! Email header design can be done by anyone who knows where to look. You may take the help of different email templates like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Black Friday, and so on.

Email header examples that display best practices

Email headers are like road signs that tell us where we’re headed.

They provide important information about who sent the email, when it was sent and where it is going, plus other bits of information you can take advantage of.

Email headers can make or break your email marketing campaigns and how many people actually engage with your emails.

Email header examples for you to refer to are below:

Focus on the brand

A lot of brands use a variant of their logo in their email header. That checks out! Using your logo effectively looks at every one of the three things on our to-do list: Your logo is marked, simple and flexible.

Many brands, especially e-commerce websites, find navigation menus attractive. Brands like Adidas, Nike, and Italic all do this.

When your logo is well organized it’s easier to use on its own. Lululemon is an example of an email header design with the logo on the top left side and a super simple navigation menu on the right side. At the point when you utilize a logo picture as your header, you effectively brand and present your message while likewise allowing perusers’ eyes to get to the core of the email. It’s a secure methodology!

Attractive Colors

Colors are regularly the undiscovered influence that concludes whether an email campaign succeeds or fails. The colors mental impact on individuals has as of now been read up for a really long time, and still, new things are found consistently.

Email Headers

Here’s an example from Barrel. Barrel chooses onyx black which matches its branding and isn’t overwhelming. The logo is set up for the entire email. This email header design example is engaging but not overwhelming.

Make sure to customize

Keeping a header consistent doesn’t imply that it generally must be the same. For various emails. You’ll need to roll out slight improvements to the header to keep it outwardly interesting and add customization. Be that as it may, assuming you will make changes in a single spot. Keep different things the equivalent, similar to the place of your text or logo.

Email Headers

Sending messages in view of a client’s activity guarantees that you monitor their situation on the client’s excursion. Conduct triggers are additionally a decent way to re-engage customers who have fallen off the map.

Simply ensure that the learning system doesn’t get excessively hard. Utilize explanative pictures and recordings about the highlights and add connections. To include pages to have the option to keep the bulletin duplicate lighter.


An email headers can transform a basic message into wonderful pieces that subscribers would need to peruse. All things considered, it’s surely worth the time and work to place a great deal of thought into this component.

On the off chance that you need a magnificent email header. Yet don’t have the opportunity or specialized abilities to make it happen, don’t worry! Our gifted creators here at Unlayer will be prepared to help.

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