Top 5 Dog-Friendly communities in Dubai

Best Community in Dubai

Dogs are the most loved creature across the globe. But, some communities in Dubai believe that pets are unclean. Due to this, many apartments have no pet policy and are even restricted in many parks. Owning a pet makes you emotionally attached to them, and with time they become a part of the family. So, if you are looking for a home with your pet to move in, we got you a list of top pet-friendly Best Communities in Dubai.

Best Community in Dubai

Top 5 dog-friendly communities

 There are many choices available when it comes to renting an apartment, but not all of them are pet-friendly. Dog parks, close vicinity, friendly neighbourhoods are some of the aspects to keep in mind while looking for apartments in Dubai. However, the rules for pet owners entirely depend upon the proprietor.  We have come up with the best options to help you pick your new home. Best Communities in Dubai


The first on the list is JUMEIRAH VILLAGE CIRCLE which is located between Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road. The community consist of 2000 villas and tower houses. Best Communities in Dubai

It is a quite pet-friendly community with large gardens and pathways where you can take your dog for a walk.

It is loved by dog owners as JVC has grooming services, veterinary clinics, and pet supply stores in the area. You can even take your dog swimming in Jebel Ali beach. Many restaurants in JVC are dog-friendly and allow dogs in outdoor seating areas, which seems extremely convenient for dog owners. But, dogs are not allowed in the park located in the center of JVC.

 Rental prices for Jumeirah Village circle are competitive. 1 and 2-beds apartments in JVC are available for average rents of AED 43k and 61k and 3 beds apartments starting from AED 70k to 16k.

If you want to buy a studio apartment, you have to pay an average of AED 417 k. 1 bedroom apartments will cost you an average of AED 653 e k while 2-bed apartments in JVC are priced at AED 996k. You can check out the best apartments in Jumeirah village triangle available for sale.


The JUMEIRAH LAKE TOWERS have pathways around the lake where you can take your furry friend for a walk. There are plenty of green areas where you and your dog can have a playful time. The JUMEIRAH LAKE TOWERS has a separate dog park where your dog can find new friends, as many dog owners prefer to go there. They have plenty of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants. JUMEIRAH LAKE TOWERS is also cat-friendly. In case your dog needs some pampering, they got you the best grooming centers. However, pets are strictly banned in the central park.

A studio flat for rent will cost you AED 34k, and a 1 bedroom apartment in Jumeirah lake tower is priced at AED 52k. If you want to buy a studio apartment in Jumeirah lake tower, you have to pay an average of AED 430k. A 1-bedroom apartment in Jumeirah lake tower will cost you an average of AED 775 k, while 2-bedroom flats are available at AED 1.22 million. Best Communities in Dubai


It is popularly known as ‘THE GREENHEART OF DUBAI’. The place is full of greens, and you get the iconic view of BURJ KHALIFA and the Dubai skyline.

Dubai hill estate is a dog-friendly community full of gardens and open expanses where you can take your dog for a walk. Contract A 1-bed rental apartment in hill estate is priced at an average of AED 46k, while a 2 bedroom apartment will cost you AED 69k.

If you are interested in buying an apartment, you have to pay an average of 69k for a studio. For a bigger apartment, you will have to pay an average of AED 98k or higher. Best Communities in Dubai

 4. Dubai Sports City

As the name suggests, Dubai Sports City is a place for sporting or any entertainment event. With top-class infrastructure, it is also pet-friendly. There are many sports facilities, and the apartments are highly spacious. If you want a studio on rent, you have to pay AED 23k, while a 1 and 2 bedroom apartment in Dubai sports City is priced at AED 34k yearly and AED 48k yearly.

Pet parents can also consider buying apartments at Dubai sports tower. Studios are priced at an average of AED 329k, while big apartments such as 1 and 2-bed apartments are priced at an average of 482 k and AED 750k.

5. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the center of Dubai, which is evolving at a higher pace. Home to Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall and a dancing fountain. It’s quite a pet-friendly e community. This is good for the people who own small dogs. Downtown Dubai also has a dog park where you and your dog can have a good time and also meet other dog owners.

If you want to rent a studio apartment, you have to pay AED 56k. A 1-bed apartment will cost you an average of AED 79k, while a 2-bed apartment is priced at AED 123k. Pet parents can also buy a studio apartment for or an average of AED 1.07M in downtown Dubai, and for a 1-bed apartment in downtown Dubai, you will have to pay AED 1.47 million while a two-bed apartment is priced at AED 2.47 million.

Other dog-friendly communities

Apart from the above-mentioned communities, there are other dog-friendly communities that you can consider while buying a home.

  • The Lakes
  • Arabian Ranches
  • Al Barari
  • The Greens
  • The Springs
  • Emirates Living
  • The Meadows
  • Jumeirah Park, Village Triangle, Islands


Pet ownership comes with responsibilities.

So, tenants should follow all the rules implemented by the landlords. There are many restrictions for dogs in Dubai, so make sure to find a pet-friendly apartment to live happily with your furry friend. You can also check out the Best Community in Dubai for more properties.

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