How to get started with Windows Server?  User Guide

Cheap Window Hosting

Like Linux hostingWindow Web Hosting has been the user choice for web products like websites and applications. That being said, with the user’s choice to get started with Windows Server, there next comes many of the steps to follow. That mostly the non-specialist users can find hard in comparison to hosting-knowledgeable people. Therefore, we have highlighted all the steps in this post with an easy explanation. So let’s dive in!

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Windows Hosting

Windows Web Hosting means hosting environments with Windows Operating System (OS). Therefore, you don’t have to deal with the Windows Server deployment, configuration, and administration when you get Windows Hosting. In short, you get a fully-developed platform from updates to security features. In addition, the Windows Servers have built-in compatibility for many Microsoft technologies like the .NET framework. For instance, the server can support Asp, Asp.Net with MVC, PHP, Microsoft Office, Microsoft365, SQL Server, MySQL, WebMatrix, and many others.

Domain Name

If you already have worked on the domain name, then skip this and move to the next step. However, if you haven’t, you need to buy a domain name for your website. The domain name will let the users recognize your website/ store distinguishably among the sea of the same niche websites. After checking the availability of the domain, you can register it with a registrar or your web host (if it offers domain services).

Besides, many Cheap Windows Hosting companies offer a free domain name for a year. So you can bypass finding the domain registrar and registration hassles. Also, it lets you save dollars.

Web Hosting Options 

To get started with Windows Server, one need to buy space on the hosting server. That means you get Disk Space, RAM, Bandwidth, etc., on large physical or cloud machines. More specifically, if you are looking for an in-budget solution, you can get shared hosting. Similarly, if you can afford high prices and need a complete server, dedicated hosting can be your option. However, if you don’t fall into any of these scenarios while looking for adequate space at affordable prices, then VPS is the right choice. Last but not least, there are cloud servers too, with virtualization and flexibility & scalability freedom on the top.

Cheap Windows Hosting

Windows Plans

In short, your way to go is the Window Webhosting plans. Of course, whatever you choose from above depends on your website needs and budget. Now, you are to check the plan specifications, for instance, web space, data transfer, MySQL databases (or others), concurrent connections. Then, extending the list, security tools, email addresses, control panel, one-click installation, and so forth. In addition, what accessories are free on the plan and for what do you have to pay. In particular, these features can be the domain, SSL certificates, backups, etc.

Indeed, with web hosts, the prices vary. So, on average, the lowest windows shared plans start at around $4 per month. Similarly, the prices for VPS and dedicated hosting will be higher and so on.

Cheap Windows Hosting Providers 

There is a lengthy list of hosting companies with Windows solutions. However, let us jot down only the leading and reliable ones that you trust and confidently buy the hosting.

  • NavicoSoft
  • Liquid Web 
  • Hostwinds
  • InterServer
  • Kamatera 
  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • AccuWeb Hosting

However, remember, the above-listed features can vary from company to company. So meticulously explore which company suits you better and meets your site needs.

Support Services 

On getting stuck anywhere, you can quickly contact your web hosting provider and get the problems resolved, whichever type. Almost all hosts provide 24/7/365 support. However, the channels can vary among phone, email, live chat, ticketing, depending on the hosting company.

In addition, from the blog and Windows Server Community, you can hear about all the best practices, latest news (announcements, features, events), experts’ tips, etc.

Managed Windows Servers 

Until this step, hopefully, you are done with the process to get started with Windows Server. So last but not least, server management and periodic maintenance are inevitable. So you need to take care of this matter too. Again, it will differ if you are a tech geek or layperson. If it is the former, and you have time, you can manage these technicalities yourself. Nonetheless, if you don’t have time or it is the latter case, you can hire the managed services in exchange for extra money. In turn, the staff will take care of the periodic updates to monitor on your behalf.

Navicosoft provides Cheap Windows Hosting solutions with all the basic and supportive features a website can require. Eventually, optimized hosting platforms can boost the performance of the website and apps performance.

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