Top Kitchen Laminates Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2022


Are you thinking of remodelling or designing the interior of your kitchen Laminates? It’s wise to start from scratch and stay aware of the latest design trends.

Today, various materials are available to beautify your kitchen space according to your desires. The key to ensuring a beautiful interior décor theme is decorative laminates. Withlaminate sheetdesigns, you can seamlessly recreate the following design trends in your cooking space. Check out the laminate design trends that you can recreate easily with Royale Touch laminates.

Two-tone kitchens

When you can create magic with two colours, why choose one? Dual-tone décor ideas are the perfect way to breathe life into your kitchen space. Moreover, when the intention is to create harmony between the living space and the kitchen area, it doesn’t mean staying with a single colour. Given below are some tips to use dual-tone kitchen designs to your advantage.

  • Balance bright colours for a rejuvenating effect

If you pick bright solid colour laminates, they can illuminate and energise your kitchen and create a rejuvenating living space that will brighten your mood.

  • Integrate colour with wood laminate to create warmth

By combining solid colour laminates with wooden laminates, you can create a dual-tone décor theme in your kitchen space. Hence, choosing nude/pink laminates for your cabinet and wooden textured laminate for the floor will bring a touch of warmth to the overall décor of your kitchen area.

  • Different saturations of the same colour

Another great theme for the favourite space in your home is using various saturations of one colour to highlight contrast and movement. It’s the ideal choice for those homeowners who don’t like a flat look.

  • Pick cream for a fresh dual-tone kitchen that is not clinical

White is a classical kitchen colour choice that is independent and works better when utilised with a dual-tone scheme. In which case, a bright white laminate sheet is a perfect option for creating beautiful contrasts that freshen and highlight earthy greens and beachy blues. Make sure to consider the natural light levels when choosing cream colour laminates.

  • Go for pale colours at eye level for a spacious feel

One of the popular tactics for improving spaciousness is to introduce paler laminate finishes at eye level. Also, do not allow the wall units from overpowering, especially above the hardworking spots like sink or hob. A smart idea would be to choose matte laminates at the bottom and lighter tones laminates at the top.

The wooden finish

If serenity is the primary theme you want to create in your kitchen space, go for wooden laminates. Even though wooden finish kitchens went out of fashion some years ago, they are back again and are preferred in most modern kitchen renovations Auckland designs. One of the main reasons homeowners choose wooden laminate is that they are elegant and add a sophisticated visual appeal to the entire kitchen space. The most popular wooden finish laminates are walnut, oak, subtle grained ash, etc.

The everlasting stone finish

You can also go for stone textured high-pressure laminates for the furniture elements in your kitchen area. Needless to say, marble is preferred for its everlasting beauty and elegance, plus it’s a great choice for luxurious designs. Granite or marble textured laminate design with strong veining is most recommended for the interior decoration of your kitchen.

They create an ambience of luxury and create a lovely contrast to the other spaces around it. Hence, if you want to buy marble textured laminates, never hesitate because it’s the most sought-after quality and thus found in the top kitchen trends list in contemporary times.

White kitchen

A white kitchen with white furniture never goes out of style. They always look lovely because of the simplicity and elegance in them. That is why white kitchens can be found famous throughout generations, especially in contemporary times.

So, if you choose white laminates, the room will never feel dull but always calm, clean, and straightforward. Also, you can go for white stone laminates and install light fixtures to enhance the beauty of the kitchen pace.

Final thoughts

In the last two years, homeowners have realised that interior decoration ensures a positive vibe in our living spaces. So if you are decorating your kitchen interior, make sure to consider durability along with design.

Also, consider the availability of natural light in the kitchen area. While matte laminates are considered great for big kitchens, high gloss laminates are best for small kitchens. Matte or dark tone laminates do not reflect light, but high gloss laminate bounce light that makes the area look much bigger than it is Learn More

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