list of best action movies of the year

2017 is a wild journey for action movies fans. Such films also have many failed works (earth storm, Pirates of the Caribbean: no story of death, transformers: The Last Knight), but fortunately, it has also made some excellent films with unforgettable action scenes.

The top five action movies in 2017 included four comic book inspired films, the last of the ape planet trilogy, and a recent trip to a distant galaxy. A bloody Samurai Film, marking Miki’s 100th film, a music driven robbery film, the return of John Vick, and Christopher Nolan’s epic story of World War II were also included in our list of best action movies of the year.

Best action movies of 2017:

Blade never dies is starred by Takuya Kimura, Hana sugazaki and sotai Fukui

Plot: the highly skilled bushimangi is cursed for immortality after a legendary battle. Troubled by the cruel killing of her sister, Maggie knows that only by fighting evil can she regain her soul. He promised to help a young girl named Rin avenge her parents, who were killed by the cruel warrior arnozin led by a group of swordsmen. This mission will change Manji in a way he can never imagineā€¦ This is the 100th film directed by Miki long.

The war of the apes stars Andy serkins, woody Harrison, Steve Zane, Ameya Miller, Karin konova and Terry norto

Plot: in the highly acclaimed rise of the scarlet ball 3: War, Caesar and his apes are forced into a fatal conflict led by a ruthless colonel. After the apes suffered unimaginable losses, Caesar struggled with his dark instinct and began his own mythical journey of revenge. When the journey finally brought them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel faced each other in an epic battle that would determine the fate of their species and the future of the planet.

Starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Richard E. grant, Boyd Holbrooke, Stephen merchant and Daphne Keane

Plot: in the near future, tired Logan cares about the sick Professor X in a hiding place on the Mexican border. However, when a young mutant came and was pursued by the dark forces, Logan’s efforts to avoid the world and his legacy were broken.

Spider Man: the return of heroes starred Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Keaton and Marissa tome

Plot: young Peter Parker / spider man (from the Netherlands) made his debut in Captain America 3: Civil War and caused a sensation. In spider man: the return of heroes, he began to navigate himself as a web weaving superhero. Peter is excited by his experience in the Avengers. He returns home and lives with his aunt may (Tommy) under the surveillance of his new mentor Tony Stark (Downey Jr.). Peter tries to return to his daily life – he is distracted by the idea of proving that he is not just a friendly spider man neighbor – but when the vulture (Keaton) appears as a new villain, everything that matters to Peter will be threatened.

“Wonder Woman” starred Gail gado, Chris pine, Robin white, David huris, Connie Nelson, Lucy Davis and Danny Houston

Plot: before becoming wonder woman, she was Princess Diana of Amazon, trained as an invincible warrior. Growing up on an isolated Paradise Island, when an American pilot crashed on their coast and told about a large-scale conflict raging in the outside world, Diana left her home and believed she could stop the threat. Fighting side by side with mankind and ending all wars, Diana will find all her strength and her real destiny.

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