there are a lot of non superhero action movies in 2022

For Hollywood, 2021 is much better than the disastrous 2020. This year we have many wonderful action movies, but many of them are superhero films. However, we also saw some cool hard core action films, such as the unknown, Princess Kate, people’s anger, tomorrow’s war and so on. Superheroes have really occupied Hollywood, and 2022 will be the first year of Marvel / DC films. But there are a lot of non superhero action movies in 2022, which will definitely make our adrenaline soar. So here’s a list of these action movies that will compete with Superheroes:

  1. 355 – 7 January

The female dominated film was CO produced by Jessica chastan, pen é lope Cruz, Lupita nyeono, Marion Cotillard and others. These women unite to prevent a global organization from getting a weapon of chaos. Oh, yes, Sebastian Stein is also in the film!

  1. Fortune: January 21

Earlier this year, Guy Ritchie brought us human anger starring Jason stanson. Now, he and stanson will return with another action thriller, including Aubrey Plaza and Josh Hartnett. Stanson plays agent Orson fouchen of MI6. His team completed an undercover mission with the help of Hollywood stars!

  1. AMBULANCE – 18 February

Transformers: the last knight and underground six directed by Michael Bay may have failed, but I have high hopes for his next film ambulance. Starring eiza Gonz á lez, Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul mateen II, they play two thieves in the film. The bank robbery went wrong. They hijacked an ambulance and ran away.

  1. Bullet train – April 8

You should be excited about this film, because it is directed by action film master David Leach (his representative works are death waiting 2, atomic blonde hair, Hobbes and Shaw, wick). The star studded cast includes Aaron Taylor Johnson, Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon, Sandra Bullock, Zazi Bitz and Logan Leman. As for the premise, we only know that five assassins were put on a bullet train, and then things became complicated.

  1. May 27, “top gun: Lone Ranger”

After several delays, Tom Cruise finally ended his three-year acting career and appeared on the big screen. He worked very hard in the film because he really learned to fly a jet and the actors received strict training. This is a highly anticipated sequel, so be careful!

  1. Fast track, April 27

Against Tom Cruise will be Keanu Reeves, who is ready to fight the whole army as Baba Yaga! Paulie king, played by Lawrence Fishburn, will help him. So leave a mark on your calendar to witness a bloody feast when Mr. Vick is angry! Chad stahelski will return to the director. The title of the fourth chapter is John Vick 4: Hagel. Oh, yes, yen is in there too!

  1. Havoc – release: not announced

Tom Hardy’s next action thriller is quite exciting because it is written and directed by Gareth Evans, the director of the raid. This may be another attempt by Netflix to catch up with John wick, because the story takes place after the failure of a drug deal. We’re going to track down a scarred detective who didn’t hesitate to cross the underworld to save a politician’s estranged son. Timothy Olyphant and Forest Whitaker will also play!

  1. Jurassic world: dominions – June 10

This time, Chris parrat, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jeff goublen will work with Sam Neil, also from the Jurassic Park series. Dinosaurs were released into the world. It would be interesting to see how people learned to coexist with them. But after the discovery of human cloning, we may see a hybrid of dinosaurs and humans at the end of dominion.

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