8 Attractive Ways To Attain A Perfect Hormonal Balance

8 Attractive Ways To Attain A Perfect Hormonal Balance

Due to the advancement of medical technology nowadays, almost every one of us knows important factors that affect our health. Among all those factors, the hormonal structure also affects health if not taken care of properly. Everybody possesses some knowledge about this factor and know some effects on our body.

Even being one of the commonest studied topics, many people still do not know how the imbalanced hormonal structure can affect our body weight. You must know that hormones are the ones that work like the strongest chemical messenger within the body. Therefore, behind every single chemical reaction, there is an initiation of hormonal agitation.

There are more than 200 hormones already exist within the body. Certainly, even now, it has become impossible for medical representatives to find out the actual functions of all these 200 hormones. However, according to a group of scientists, only three important hormones can affect our body more than one can ever imagine.

Let us know about these hormones first. Then we will discuss how to attain hormonal balance as well.

3 important hormones

In 2015, in a study on ‘Hormonal Misbalance & Its effect’, the famous research scientist, Dr J.P. Morgan, published a thesis. In that thesis, he clearly highlighted that when a person suffers from misbalanced hormones, it may cause serious health problems. As a result, one needs to suffer from obesity, diabetes, Goitre, dwarfism etc.

The scientist also proved that only after curing the root of misbalance can a person achieve a good state of health again.

He states that there are three most important hormones which always should remain in proper proportion. If one can keep the levels of these hormones at perfect level then only, he can stay healthy. On the contrary, the misbalance state of these three important hormones can bring really serious conditions.

• Insulin

Most people often suffer from high blood sugar levels. The only reason behind this problem is misbalance of insulin secretion. It is a hormone, which secrets from the pancreas and its main function is to control the level of sugar, i.e. glucose, within the blood.

Therefore, it is not very difficult to understand that in most cases, high blood sugar level takes place due to intaking those food materials that contain a high level of sugar. Apart from diabetes, the misbalance of insulin hormone is also responsible for storing belly fat around the tummy.

• Glucagon

While insulin controls the level of blood sugar, glucagon works completely differently. Actually, both insulin and glucagon are rivals to each other. Even these two effects are completely contradictory to health.

Moreover, doctors advise you to intake food full of glucagon because it starts affecting health only when you change your food habit. According to nutritionists, a person who wants to reduce fat and look slim must intake more protein into his meal. The main function of glucagon is burning fat from your body.

• Cortisol

Nowadays, depression has become one of the commonest problems. According to a study, the young generation is suffering from depression mostly. To find out the reason behind such a problem, it has been observed that cortisol, one hormone is the main villain.

Moreover, insulin and cortisol work like friends and work for hand in hand. So, in such a scenario, you must take care of your mental health so that it stops secreting such hormones. However, if you are unable to stay mentally healthy, then start consulting a psychiatrist. Don’t worry about funds because you can take out small cash loans for unemployed from direct lender.

8 Attractive ways to attain a perfect hormonal balance

Whenever you know the reason behind physical or mental disease, only then you will be able to understand how to retain them. Here are some attractive ways by following which you can easily achieve perfect hormonal balance.

• Reduce the source of insulin stimulator

You have read that how sugar-based foods can stimulate the secretion of insulin hormone. To decrease the over-activity level of insulin, you must remember that all those extra sugar added foods must not include in the diet. Foods like alcohol, flour, processed foods, white sugar, white rice etc., should not include in a regular diet.

• Try to add an adequate quantity of protein

Protein is the main source of glucagon. For this reason, you must keep in regular diet foods that contain glucagon. It contradicts the activity of insulin, so it helps to minimise the level of insulin. Therefore, make sure your regular diet must contain an adequate quantity of glucagon. Start consuming glucagon containing foods like fish, meat, cheese, yogurt, eggs, protein shake, and health drinks etc.

• Consume essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are proved as a good source of useful fat. It reduces the chances of heart attack and keeps one healthy. To fulfil the necessity of healthy fats, there is no exception of intaking nuts, cold-water fish like Salmon and supplements containing fish oil.

• Drinking an adequate quantity of water

When a person stays dehydrated, then diseases can attack him easily. Besides, lack of water can also affect health and bring a number of diseases. On the contrary, when a person drinks flavoured water like green tea, it will secret amino acid and L-thiamine, a hormone that keeps the body hydrated. So, always try to drink as much water as possible.

• Good exercise

There is no exception to doing exercise. Whenever you will do even some freehand exercise, then it will reduce the secreting level of cortisol. Moreover, it boosts up the mind of people and drives away the chance of being depressed. According to doctors, every day, at least 30 minutes of exercise is important.

• Quality sleep

Even after spending 8 hours on the bed, you may feel that there is a lack of sleep. Insomnia is another reason for the over-activity of cortisol. In such a situation, you must not be able to sleep tight. But when you begin to exercise, then it will help to reduce the activity of cortisol. As a result, one can easily achieve a state of calm and quiet sleep.

• Stay within a happy atmosphere

We mentioned above that cortisol and insulin work hand in hand. So, you can understand how one can instigate another. In such a scenario, if you stay depressed and feel over tensed, then it may instigate insulin. Being overactive, then insulin hormone can bring another few diseases like diabetes, high blood sugar, cataract etc.

To keep yourself safe from such conditions, start keeping yourself happy and full of activities. Stay within a happy atmosphere. You can find that your mood has started to enhance as the activity of cortisol starts to come down.

• Start practising meditation

It is very important to begin meditation as it can boost your mind. Bring your body and mind in one alignment. Help you to reduce stress factors and keep your mind calm. Everyday at least for 1-hour, start practising meditation.

These are some attractive ways to keep yourself away from diseases that cause hormonal misbalance. If you practice all these tips, then you can successfully defeat the hormonal problems and keep yourself healthy.

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