The following are the eight best action movies

Action movie is not only a contemporary phenomenon. For decades, action film has been the darling of the box office, and the best film has also won the praise of film critics.

From the list edited by the film review aggregation website, we included the most highly praised films with the label of “action and adventure” on the website. We exclude animated films and any films that prefer adventure rather than action.

The website ranks the films according to the score, which is a weighting formula based on the change of the number of comments on each film.

Their list includes several James Bond films, some classic westerns, and contemporary popular films with high praise, such as Mad Max: Fury road and baby driver.

The following are the eight best action movies selected by Film Critics:

“John guitar” (1954)

Critic score: 95%

Audience score: 85%

Critics commented: “this is one of the boldest and most stylized films of that era, bizarre, political and distorted.” –

Spider Man 2 (2004)

Critic score: 93%

Audience score: 81%

Comment: “compared with the already spectacular scene in spider man in 2002, the scene of spider web weaving in the film is larger, better, brighter and faster. At the same time, the smaller emotional moments in the film are more dense, rich and resonant than the first one.” – AP

“Killer” (1989)

Critic score: 94%

Audience score: 91%

The film critic commented: “the massacre on the screen has set a new level for American films, but few of the following films can replicate the deep emotion of pecinpa.” – Chicago readers

Love from Russia (1964)

Critic score: 96%

Audience score: 83%

Comment: “love from Russia stands at the peak of the film series, showing how excellent bond films are when all elements are combined.” – reelviews

“Storming the front” (1993)

Critic score: 96%

Audience score: 79%

The film critic commented: “full fire is exciting. Fortunately, it doesn’t have the artificial energy that makes many new films look like steroids.” – “Newsweek”

Planet of the apes (2014)

Critic score: 90%

Audience score: 88%

Critics commented: “this is probably the most fascinating, smartest and boldest ‘ape’ film ever.” – Richard

The right stuff (1983)

Critic score: 98%

Audience score: 90%

The film critic said: “those film viewers who seek grand and thought-provoking entertainment now know where to go. Their films are full of what Kaufman calls’ serious themes and wild humor from the left-wing field ‘. – time

Godzilla (1956)

Critic score: 93%

Audience score: 89%

Critics said, “this is a short and powerful horror film with a wagging tail.” – “Dallas Morning Post”

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