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It’s time for movie fans to debate every year: is tiger bravery an action movie, a Christmas movie, or both? I’m tired of listening. However, it reminds me of action movies. In an era of Tony Starks and spider men, it may be mistaken for a type controlled by Hollywood. In fact, this type of movie news has declined in the United States for some time.

After careful consideration, I found that most of my favorite action films came from abroad. Sit down and enjoy our four best non Hollywood action movies news.

Banile13 (2004) – France

Banileue 13 takes narration as the main line and occasionally tries to make political comments, but it lacks depth and is all about action. Basically, it is a showcase for Parkour in France, just as ong bak (see below) did for Muay Thai. It even follows the model of Tony Jia, starring the famous runner and sports founder David bell. The plot of the film is cleverly constructed, highlighting the dazzling fighting scenes and street running scenes. In the distant future, in France, Leto had 24 hours to save Paris from nuclear destruction and tried to save his sister, who was kidnapped by a gang in the city. “Banileue 13” is an action thriller. There is no doubt that its amazing special effects are impressive.

Killer (1989) – Hong Kong

Soaked in blood and exaggerated, killer is both awesome and influential. John Woo’s breakthrough (at least in the West) is full of violence and 1001 bullets. After a triad killer who plans to retire, its plot has little breakthrough. However, after the nightclub singer who was blind in the gunfight, he decided to take the last job for her expensive surgery. After a deception, he was chased by a group of bad guys, and the action really began. If you are a gunfight fan, this song is for you. John Woo’s iconic slow motion footage penetrated the fighting scene, and the death toll was higher than the skyline of Hong Kong. With enough style to offset the madness of the set, “killer” has become one of the greatest action films in the history of Hong Kong film.

Dragon Road (1972) – Hong Kong

And “fighting between the dragon and the tiger” (1973) is a Hong Kong and American film. Last year’s “fight between the dragon and the tiger” also achieved great success. The film grossed about $5 million in North America and is considered one of the most important kung fu films released around the world. Ang Lee plays Tang Lang, a quiet man who is sent by his family from Hong Kong to Rome to help the restaurant of relatives harassed by local thugs. The film is full of a series of strange characters and strange humor. Li easily killed the enemy with an elegant posture. You can’t help but be fascinated by it. The best was the last duel with karate champion Chuck Norris. In addition to the duel at the Colosseum, many people think it is one of the most wonderful martial arts fights in the history of the film.

Lola Run (1998) – Germany

A young woman has 20 minutes and needs to take out 100000 Deutsche marks, or her boyfriend will lose his life. The narration of the German film “Lola Run” is based on a simple premise, but it successfully transmits one of the greatest action films of the 21st century without difficulty. Written and directed by Tom twyker, we will see three different endings set by the movie news, each with a Crazy Rhythm, accompanied by unstoppable electronic music. Popular punk and full of existential atmosphere, running roller run is completely fascinating from beginning to end. Franka Potente perfectly plays the protagonist Lola. In despair, she keeps knocking on the sidewalk in Berlin to save her lover. At the same time, she is always the victim of cosmic fluctuations. Laura run is a wonderful reflection on free will and opportunity. It is both interesting and smart.

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