Tips for learning new technology (or anything, for that matter!).

Tips for learning new technology

As entrepreneurs, we see new opportunities unfolding daily. New modern technologies emerge routinely that we need to grasp to prosper. These possibilities are wonderful, however, sometimes they can be frightening.

I frequently hear people say they are “too old” to discover. They’ll trot out that exhausted as well as a now-psychologically-discredited ditty, “You can not teach an old pet dog brand-new methods.”.


First off, you are not a pet, and also finding out today is not just a charming little trick; it is crucial. Life-long understanding is stimulating, boosting, and also indeed, it benefits the organization.

So, just how do you do it? Below are 10 actions that can help you welcome discovering a competitive advantage as well as life-giving pressure:.

1. Have an open mind.

This is essential. You can’t connect with folded arms. Adjust your reasoning from “I can not do that” to “I’ll figure out a method to make that take place.” I would like to call this moving from “No other way” to “Not Yet” assuming. Rather than telling on your own why you can not do it, inform yourself you might not be able to do it yet, but you’re willing to pay the cost. Take courses, hire specialists, check out books, enjoy academic videos, and also do whatever is required to find out brand-new skills that assist you.

2. Obtain help from the very best.

You do not need to do it on your own. Today we have accessibility to the very best mental ability with books, audio as well as video recordings, and also live training. Be willing to get rid of your TIME (Time, Cash, Power) to get what you need. Find individuals that understand what you need to know and want to pay them to assist you.  Use tools like Skype or Google+ Hangouts. Fill your mind with books, magazines as well as top quality knowledge.

3. Be willing to surrender tasks that do not assist you.


TECHNOLOGY. Money Talks: Kiva Chief Executive Officer Chris Tsakalakis on balancing earnings and also functions in influencing INNO.


Dutch Bros CEO Joth Ricci on going public, preserving business culture and his new book. This is a difficult one. It is so stealthily easy to be attracted to a dramatic tale on the news. Shut off that radio. Disconnect your TV. Fill up that wasted time with learning from excellent resources. Discover market-valued abilities so individuals wish to hire you! Get more tips about Machine learning

4. Focus!

You’ve got to focus to achieve mastery.You might attempt to trick yourself right into thinking you can, however psycho therapists tell us also over-achieving salespeople can’t multitask. (See “Why MultiTasking Does Not Work” ). Turn off your social media sites, allow your call most likely to voicemail, as well as put on your own into the task at hand. This belongs to paying the cost, as well as it deserves it.

5. Practice.

There’s an old Russian saying, “Rep is the mother of discovering.” That puts on us today. You have to exercise the proper way (assume mentoring!). I consider the words of my Judo teacher from years back, Toyoji Matsumoto san: “Do it 1,000 times ’til it becomes all-natural– after that do it an additional 1,000 times!”.

6. Have fun with YouTube.

YouTube has to be just one of the greatest “How-To-Learn” tools we’ve seen in the past half a century. Want to learn several of the junk videos to locate the gems. Pay the price and hang around to learn through this rich tank of resources.

7. Have A Good Time with Immersion.

I’m presently examining Spanish. I find that the more I experience words and also expressions from publications, apps on my apple iphone, talking with indigenous Spanish audio speakers, watching Spanish videos as well as other exposure to the language, the far better I do. Discover numerous methods to fill your mind with the subject you wish to find out. This will certainly promote your understanding as well as accelerate the process.

8. Use mind mapping to get an advantage.

My friend Phil Chambers is the Globe Mind Mapping Champ. He defines this tool as a method to find out wonderful quantities of information in a visual type. It was established by believed leader Tony Buzan and is a fantastic method to organize details as well as find out far better. Google this and also find out about it.

9. Don’t give up!

Have a hostile, determined attitude in the direction of understanding. There are times when you’ll meet what Stephen Pressfield calls” The Resistance” in his publication “Turning Pro.” Eventually, you’ll experience that wet-blanket, “I don’t want to do this” type of reasoning. Embracing a “never-say-no” mindset will certainly inspire you.

10. Have fun!

Always keep in mind why you’re discovering. If it isn’t enjoyable, you reduce discovery. Keep it fun in an effective manner which keeps you encouraged.

Learning offers you a strong competitive advantage today. It additionally keeps you to life psychologically. Go all out!

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