Creating a WordPress webshop: the advantages and disadvantages in a row

Five minutes. That is the time it takes, according to the people behind WordPress, to put a website online. Creating a WordPress webshop is therefore becoming increasingly popular.

But creating a webshop in the system is a lot less simple than creating a website. Read here what a WordPress webshop looks like, which plug-ins you need for this and which advantages and disadvantages there are to these webshops. Discover whether WordPress is the best solution for you.

Create a WordPress webshop

Creating a WordPress webshop can be done in just a few steps. However, it is not wise to start these steps without a plan. Before you start building your webshop, first think about what you are going to sell, to whom, and in what form: make a business plan. Without a clear strategy, even the most beautiful webshop is still out of control. So don’t start creating your WordPress webshop before you have a clear idea of ​​what it should look like.

What do you need to create a WordPress webshop?

Apart from a clear plan, a number of things are essential to building your wordpress webshop. Below we list for you what you need to create your webshop.

WordPress itself

Download a recent version of WordPress to build your webshop. To make it easier on yourself, choose the Dutch version.

Ecommerce Plugin

Because WordPress is basically a package for creating blogs, you need a plug-in that makes it possible to create a webshop in WordPress. The best known and most widely used plugin worldwide is that of Woocommerce. Download Woocommerce NL to work in the Dutch version.

In addition to Woocommerce, you will find many other plugins in the WordPress plug-in shop that let you create a webshop in WordPress. The best known are Shoppe, Jigoshop and WP e-commerce.

iDeal and/or another payment method via payment service provider

Most online payments in the Netherlands are made via iDeal. You can integrate iDeal in your WordPress webshop, by taking out a subscription with your bank or by using a payment service provider.

Mollie, Sisow, and Targetpay make it possible to integrate iDeal payments in your webshop, without taking out a subscription. For these payment methods, you pay a small amount per transaction. Please note that in some cases there are costs associated with the plug-in that allows integration of a payment service provider.

Disadvantages of a WordPress webshop

Creating a simple webshop in WordPress is, with sufficient technical knowledge, not very difficult. However, there are also clear disadvantages to creating your webshop in WordPress.

WordPress was not developed for e-commerce

Basically, WordPress is an online blogging platform. The various plug-ins and extensions make it possible to create a webshop in the system, but there are clear limits to the possibilities. Practice shows that a WordPress webshop is a good way to sell a small number of products.

Expansion of your webshop costs money

Most entrepreneurs choose to create a WordPress webshop because the software can be downloaded for free. The possibilities offered by the system are sufficient for a simple webshop with a small range. But do you want to expand your webshop further? Then you need paid plugins. The prices for these expansion options are very different and can amount to tens of euros.

Updates cause problems with plugins

Because a WordPress webshop is made up of various building blocks in the form of plug-ins, there is a good chance that problems will arise after an update. The different parts can then no longer communicate with each other and your webshop no longer works properly.

No technical support

For technical support in case of problems, you depend on the help of other WordPress users. You can find this support online in the form of blogs, articles, and forums. You will therefore have to look for the answer to your questions yourself and you cannot go to a central helpdesk.

Alternative: create your webshop in webshop software

The disadvantages associated with a WordPress webshop make it interesting to look at alternative options. One of these alternatives is to create your webshop in SaaS webshop software. This software is available for a small amount per month and offers you the possibility to set up your webshop immediately.

Support, updates, and extensions are included in the price in most webshop software packages. In addition, the packages offer extensive options for search engine optimization, you can choose from a large number of free and paid templates and payment and shipping options are integrated.

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