Learning positive thinking: just 3 simple exercises will improve your focus

We don’t create positive thinking simply by briefly trying to be optimistic. The many wisdoms tell us, we should live the day, because in life there is nothing for free and anyway life is not a pony farm. But these wisdoms do not change your own feelings, because they do not provide food for thought or methods for a positive attitude. The following text explains the difference between positive thinking and naivety. In addition, there is your 3-step plan with simple exercises and tips so that your perception can be positively changed in the long term. 

Definition of positive thinking and naivety

Positive thinking doesn’t mean ignoring all problems and saying to yourself: “Oh no matter what happens, everything won’t be so bad.” That would be naive to believe, because of course no life is perfect and difficulties will arise. But positive thinking also means confidenceto own. That said, you know it can get difficult, but you manage to deal with it. Times of crisis are bad, we all feel powerless and our thoughts can hardly be put in order. But it is important to develop self-confidence and to say to yourself: “Yes, it is not easy and I am afraid, but I can focus and convince myself of positive thinking”. With this foundation, you are ready for Exercise 1 of the 3-Step Plan for Positive Thoughts in order to be able to think positively in the long term.

Exercise 1 – Minimizing negative influences

The first step in positive thinking is to minimize the negative influences of the present and the past. Of course, they cannot be turned off completely when thinking positively, and that doesn’t have to be the case. Because it will help you to perceive the negative influences and to face them in order to achieve a positive attitude. So it’s best to have a few sheets of paper on hand to record your positive thoughts. And answer the right questions for yourself to think more positively, such as “What bad habits do I have and how will I get rid of them?”


You have probably heard the saying “I don’t need to try that, I can’t do it anyway”. Because there are areas in life where we lack the necessary experience. Or certain tasks at work where we feel ill-prepared and don’t believe in success. But if you always give up at certain moments, it becomes a habit for you and a positive attitude can never be achieved. Therefore, avoid these blanket statements and face the challenges. It starts with everyday situations in which you should think positively. For example, you don’t want to bake because you’re actually not that talented in the kitchen and the last cake has burned? It doesn’t have to be the five-tier wedding cake. Try muffins to think more positively. Because they also taste good as a ready-to-use mix or a home-baked bread with room for mistakes and your own creative ideas

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Even if it is in the current crisisIf it is not possible to meet friends, the contact via smartphone or social media is of course not broken off. It is possible that the discussions have become more intense as the common concerns are even closer to one another. That is why it is all the more important to take a closer look at the behavior of your closest friends. Because especially now you also need people who want to strengthen you positively and who want to survive the time together with you. If five people constantly tell you every day how bad life is, then you may believe it too and cannot think positively. This doesn’t mean to banish all pessimistic friends, but also focus on the friends who are trying to be optimistic. Because that not only helps your own positive attitude,


Although social media super to share experiences with friends and keep in touch with them. But checking the profiles can take a long time. In addition, seeing people who seem to be happier and happier can negatively affect you and your positive thinking. This prevents you from thinking positively, especially on days when you don’t feel so good. Therefore, try to control the time you spend on social networks. For example, never check your mobile phone immediately after getting up, but only after a certain time. You can also declare certain rooms in the apartment to be smartphone-free zones, for example your bedroom or dining room..

Exercise 2 – Check your own positive attitude

The second step for positive thinking is to test your own positive attitude. Because often your own expectations trigger the negative thoughts, but you do not realize it at the moment. Therefore it is not about having the supposedly correct positive attitude, but simply consciously perceiving which attitude is currently present. Only then can you decide for yourself how you want to react in order to be able to think positively. 


You have probably heard the wisdom of life: “If you don’t expect anything, you can’t be disappointed”. But this apparently easy strategy is not that easy to implement. Because often the negative thoughts reach you because your expectation subconsciously tells you something completely different. This means that you cannot think positively at all. An example: You have just experienced something great or a new idea and you want to tell your best friend IMMEDIATELY. That’s why you call her or him, but nobody can be reached and that annoys you. But it only annoys you because you expected someone to answer IMMEDIATELY. And it’s not at all surprising not to have someone directly on the phone or cell phone. Therefore, make yourself aware of the situation beforehand so that you can think positively.Have expectations and whether you can avoid the anger with calm and patience.


In every bad situation and in every crisis there are still positive thoughts. But directing your focus on it is particularly difficult. Because right now, the negative news may outweigh the news and on Whatsapp you will get dramatic reports forwarded. Of course, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to it and gloss over everything in order to be able to think positively. But focus on yourself, on your apartment, your family and friends. Try to keep your eyes on the beautiful things. Because you live in the here and now, you can no longer change what has passed. And neither will the future. It will be hard to keep your focus on a positive mindset, but try small steps and good moments.

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