Create landing pages with WordPress: The 6 best tools

 Do you need a strong landing page to draw attention to a specific product? You want to advertise a service, e.g. B. a webinar or an e-book? Then a well-designed landing page can help you with this. Landing pages are a very popular tool in online marketing and are therefore essential for your business. That’s why we’re introducing you to a few WordPress plugins that you can use to create an effective landing page.

Definition: what are landing pages?

A landing page (also written as landing page or landing page) is a single web page that a potential customer is directed to via a search engine or an advertisement. This website serves to entice the customer to take a targeted action, the so-called conversion . This could be, for example, selling a product, generating leads or forwarding to another website. The landing page is therefore a very important and valuable tool in online marketing, without which many purchases and sales can probably not be achieved. The most popular tool for creating landing pages is can build a video streaming website like Sportsurge.

The 5 most important elements of a landing page

In order for landing pages to work and achieve their goal of enticing the user to take action, they have to be appealing and well thought out. There are five different elements that can be used to build a landing page. These should be placed directly in the so-called stage area of ​​the site. The stage area is the upper area of ​​a website, i.e. the part that you immediately see when you visit the page. The following five areas should always be located there:


The headline is the first thing visitors see as soon as they come to your page. Accordingly, you have to convince with your headline and tell your visitors exactly what benefits they will get from your site. Therefore choose a headline that your unique selling points out (USP) directly. You can use the subline as an extension of your headline and go into the topic of your page in more detail.

Headlines that play with emotions work best here. Emotional topics reach the visitor much more than technical topics, for example.

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The hero shot is a photo of the product on offer or at least a scene that describes the product. Here you should take advantage of the positive effects of pictures. With a photo of the product you help the customer to better imagine the product or the service offered. You can describe your product in as much detail as you want, it will never achieve the effect that you can create with a picture.

In addition, present your offer in a context of use. This way, the customer can even better imagine what he can use the product for.


Since you have already drawn the customer’s attention to your product with the headline and the hero shot , it is now a matter of giving them more information. The point here is not to load as much text as possible onto the landing page, but to give the customer only the information that really interests him. The best way to do this is to summarize the benefits in a single paragraph. You can then place further information below on the landing page.


Since the goal of a landing page is to convince the customer of an action, the call-to-action (CTA) is a very central element of your website. Therefore, you should think carefully about how you want to design it and where you want to place it.

The point here is not to bombard the visitor with calls to action, but to use him in a targeted manner. For the CTA to be effective, you need to think carefully about how to label it. Experience shows that words like “you”, “because” or “now” appeal to visitors very well. Texts that promise the visitor a reward are also positive. A reward can, for example, be a free extra with every order. Here you can get creative and always try new things.


If a visitor is brand new to the landing page and doesn’t even know your products, they naturally want to find out whether they can trust you at all. In order to build up this trust, it is advisable to use so-called trust elements . This can be, for example, testimonials, reviews, articles or quotes from external providers. As soon as you have positive customer voices, you should include them on your landing page. Also social media channels can can also be integrated on the side. Especially if you have a large number of followers , you shouldn’t do without this option.

The 6 best landing page tools for WordPress

You can usually influence the layout of your landing pages using toolbars, keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts directly in the text. The programs mentioned here make it easier for you to create a good landing page by hiding unimportant tasks and only allowing important aspects to be edited. We will now introduce you to some landing page tools for WordPress and explain their functions to you.


A very comprehensive landing page tool for WordPress is Thrive Themes. It contains over 140 different layout templates that are suitable for designing all possible landing pages. You can use them to create sign-up pages for webinars, freebies (free products), membership pages or thank you pages. The tool is designed in such a uniform way that you can coordinate several landing pages with one another with regard to the layout. Thrive Themes works with the help of Thrive Content Builder, through which you can edit and adjust headlines, photos and texts directly in the front end. There is no need to switch to the backend. There are the following additional modules in Thrive Themes that you can use:

  • Leads (building a mailing list)
  • Clever widgets (controlling the sidebar)
  • Ovation (collecting and presenting testimonials)
  • Ultimatum (creation of sales campaigns)
  • Quiz Builder (create a quiz or survey)
  • Architect (successor module for Thrive Content Builder)

Overall, Thrive Themes is a very useful landing page tool with numerous modules that save time and with which you can set up a very individual landing page.                                    

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