SEO Marketing and Advertising

Our research will identify the most effective and most economical keywords for your business. Keyword phrases that are searched most frequently may not be the best choice if they are also used by everyone else. Our website analysis will highlight areas of your website’s content and code in need of modification. Our marketing strategies have lasting results, we will consult you on the methods that work and implement thorough campaigns that will have lasting results. Our advertising consulting services will perform a cost/benefit analysis of current and recommended campaigns. We will identify highly targeted advertising markets that will bring you the most return for your advertising rupees.

Search Engine Optimization:
Our experience understanding the nuances of SEO will greatly benefit your company’s ability to be found by your prospective leads. We offer in-depth consulting services and also offer full-service optimization services which range from website redesign to targeted proactive linking campaigns.

Web Design:
The websites that we build for our clients have search engine marketing techniques considered and incorporated at every step of the design process. Keeping the end-user in mind, we design websites for businesses that serve their clients well.

Social Networking:
With millions of users using dozens of major social networking sites daily, the marketing potential is virtually limitless. By networking with interested people, you will have business come to you with a high return for your efforts. We can guide you on launching and running your social networking campaigns or we can take on localized or national campaigns which will greatly promote your business to interested parties.

Press and Publicity:
Our writers will use our SEO and marketing analysis of your business to generate interesting articles and press releases. We will identify leading sources for publishing news about your industry and directly contact editors and reporters about your products or services. Potential customers are more swayed by positive articles published about a business than from paid advertising. Search engines index some publications hourly. A well-placed and written article can propel your business to the first page overnight!

Internet and Search Engine Marketing Campaigns:

Our campaigns are custom-tailored for each project. Our marketing efforts incorporate varying amounts of the services listed above. In addition, we carefully analyze our clients’ top indexing competitors and sift out their best sources on the web and work to establish networks that will proper you ahead of your competitors in both qualified direct traffic to your website and the top of the search engines.

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