What type of light to put in each room of the house?

type of light

Lots of light in your break room? Is your reading piece too dark? Each room in the house needs a different type of lighting depending on the uses it has. Let’s review in this KillMyBill guide what the recommendations are for each space in the home.

When thinking about schoolwork, manual tasks, reading or any other activity that you do inside your house, without a doubt the word lighting comes quickly to your mind.

Indeed, light is one of the most important elements of your home and it is necessary to give it the time it deserves. Why?

The first reason is that good lighting will facilitate the tasks of all members of the family. In addition, it will provide them with comfort and security.

The second reason, and perhaps the most important, is that adequate lighting for each type of room can improve and/or avoid vision problems, poor position, and even fatigue.

Finally, a good management of the light inside the home could generate considerable savings in the electricity bill.

Light: a fundamental component of your home

Although we do not always remember it, light is capable of completely modifying the visual perception of a space or object.

Light is capable of creating different environments and even awakening emotions in people. For this reason, when lighting a room you are not only giving it light, but also a personality that will make it unique and useful.

Each piece of your home needs a certain type of lighting, which will be conditioned to the type of use that is given to the room.


In the bedrooms, you should use, above all, lighting that invites you to rest, peace and quiet.

In this sense, the use of soft and warm lights is recommended. The types of bulbs that are recommended are the warm type of low consumption.

A uniform light must be achieved, so a good alternative is to direct the bulbs at the ceiling.

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For bedside tables it is best to have a lamp that projects direct light.

If your room has a dressing room, we advise you to use recessed spotlights with cold lights and not to create shadows.

The living room or living room is one of the places in the house where we spend most of our time.

It is generally a meeting point for all members of the family. Its uses are varied and it is used both as a meeting point or as a space to watch television, read, work, and even take a nap.

For all this, it is advisable that the room has a general, uniform, and not very intense light.

Normally we will use a warm light and low consumption bulbs or LEDS .

If you have created a space dedicated to reading, use cold and direct lighting directed only towards this area.

The dining room is the place in your house where all the members will meet daily to share dinner or breakfast.

For this reason, the idea is to use a soft, warm light that does not interfere with the table.

Generally, ceiling lamps are used that are not too intense, such as energy-saving ones.

Try that the lamp or chandelier has a downward light towards the table and that the intensity is moderate.

Types of light in the kitchen

Without a doubt, the kitchen also represents one of the busiest places in the house. Not only is it cooked in it, but it is shared and discussed for long periods of time.

For this reason, it is advisable to use a type of general lighting for the entire piece. The ideal is to install cold and very clear lights to be able to distinguish the colors of the food.

Mechanisms should be sought that provide a uniform light, that does not generate heat and that is of low consumption.

For work areas, direct spotlights can be used under the upper cabinets or pendant lamps over the central islands can be used.

Light in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the spaces in the house that needs lighting that is as similar as possible to natural light. To achieve this effect, it is recommended to use halogen tubes on the ceiling or on the top of the mirror. As the lights in a bathroom are constantly on and off, it is also recommended to use LED bulbs, since they endure a greater number of cycles during the day.

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