How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Streaming Website And App Like Netflix?

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Streaming Website And App Like Netflix?

Far gone are the days when every day the beginning of World War 3 was over remote control of the television? Nowadays, people are more inclined to watch their favorite TV show, movie, and series, making their most boring nights filled with thrillers.

Apart from that, many TVs already have an inbuilt internet connection in them, due to which one does not need to surf through channels consequently.

Again the whole credit goes to the internet, helping to find the users something worth watching every time.

But how to pick out the platform to stream movies in high definition without getting interrupted. The only answer to this question is “Netflix.”

Reed Hastings was one lucky man who was destined to be the founder of Netflix.

It was not just destiny but also the hard work and evolving face of the media and entertainment industry.

Reed was playing at high stakes, but if you are not entirely in to take the risk, it would be hard to conquer what you have set your eyes on. If you are inspired enough by looking at the success rate of Netflix, which by the way was 25 billion USD in the year 2020.

Is it realistic for you to answer how much is the Netflix app and how much effort is it gonna take to generate that much revenue? Honestly, you will not know until and unless you try it out.

This article will discuss how much it costs to build streaming apps like Netflix and what it takes to make it work flawlessly.

We will be not solely focusing on Netflix only, and the article will be focusing on all the video streaming applications.

How To Make A Website Like Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription video-on-demand service (subscription video on demand). It is the biggest video-on-demand service with a huge database of cartoons and movies.

Clients that pay a monthly fee have unrestricted access to content.

Netflix is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems for streaming apps like Netflix that are Smart TVs, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and others.

Users can download and use this software for free in the first month. The app is then integrated with automated subscriptions and purchases.

If you subscribe via iTunes, for example, payment is processed through your iTunes account.

Netflix adds new content regularly. However, it has more features than it appears at first glance:

  • You can either utilize an integrated search feature or list the content in an existing library.
  • Netflix can recommend new TV series and films based on your likes, thanks to the CineMatch algorithm.
  • In a single account, the software allows you to create up to five different profiles.
  • It has a large number of streaming videos.

Using different profiles, your friends or family members can have their own unique Netflix experience based on their tastes.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Streaming App Like Netflix?

We are well aware that mobile app development costs depend on several factors, such as the building strategy, compatibility to native platforms, app functionalities, testing, hosting, and many more.

If you are still imagining the cost of developing a video streaming app like Netflix or how to make a website like Netflix.

Then we have estimated to approximate, making you understand things better to set up a budget range as well and the answer to your second question is in the further sections.

The estimated final price is calculated based on the $50/ hour rate per the survey. Costing you around $133,250 for a mobile app and website. Yet, again we would like to remind you that the numbers given above are just a rough figure of the final price of your Netflix Clone. The indicated price is given above and also comprises meetings and code documentation.

Putting your savings can be profitable if only you are ready to follow the whole procedure strategically; therefore, make sure to find a trustworthy and highly skilled mobile app development company ready to fulfill your requirements and desires.

Netflix’s Business Model Is A Huge Hit

Netflix’s Subscription Business Model – The digital assets are the key to the company’s success. The answer to your question – how to make an app like Netflix is that Netflix generates revenue through a subscription-based video-on-demand business.

The three easy video subscription tiers (basic, standard, and premium) lead it to multi-billion dollar revenue. New content, TV series, and in-house shows are all attempting to increase viewer demand for these streaming apps like Netflix.


The key method for maximizing fan base is cross-platform video transmission across many devices and operating systems. This is what allowed Netflix to reach a billion users.

Despite the fact that there are numerous VOD platform providers on the market, the ability to view content from any device (including a computer, Smart TV, tablet, mobile browser, and mobile application) makes a difference.

Original Content

Netflix subscribers are enticed to subscribe by exclusive programming, award-winning shows, and even reality shows. Aside from third-party publishers, Netflix promotes a master of none and certain in-house shows that aren’t available on any VOD platform. Its native programming bolsters Netflix’s growth.

No Advertising

Netflix does have another revenue stream in the form of advertisements. Users and independent publishers can view material without being bothered by advertisements, which includes a premium video-on-demand subscription.

As a result of these excellent business concepts, Netflix makes a lot of money. Returning to the situation of creating a video streaming website similar to Netflix, it is no longer implausible.

Utmost Customer Experience

Netflix offers a variety of customer support options that allow users to contact them immediately and receive a quick response. Netflix’s customer support covers all platforms and mediums, including email, real-time chats, social media, and phone calls.

One Platform, The Entire Globe

Netflix is available in over 190 countries and broadcasts material in over 20 languages around the world.
Netflix can be accessed from everywhere in the world, regardless of language or device, it is one of the most widely used OTT services on the market.
Netflix’s greatest achievement is the global growth of its programming.

Pricing Fact Matters

Netflix operates on a low-cost, high-revenue model. Netflix has proven to be a cost-effective streaming service that allows the entire family to enjoy the taste of any streaming video.

Their approach is to keep the price of a single bundle as low as possible, which results in a large number of members.

Netflix Monetization Features


Offer SVOD (subscription video on demand) to your viewers on a monthly or yearly basis to monetize each part based on the relevance of streaming or on-demand content.


You earn more money for every thousand views you get. To increase the coverage of your videos on the platform and generate revenue, increase the number of views generated for each video streaming content or on-demand content.


An unlimited opportunity to increase your revenue through transactions by limiting access to certain material according to viewers’ number of views or hours.

Purchasable Assets

To maximize monetization prospects, sell unlimited video assets to worldwide audiences by giving the most compelling material for a bargain.

Final Thoughts

By now, you’ve noticed that creating a Netflix app would be a game-changer in the media and entertainment industry.

To ace, the entire plan with flying colors, your app’s performance should be successful without any shortcuts.

Snapchat clone has been a great example of this the app stands against the big players in the industry and stands apart in the video-on-demand industry, inviting a whole bag of limitless opportunities for online streaming.

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