How do you make an app?

How do you make an app

How do I create an app? And what does it all involve?

You have a great idea for an app. Maybe for yourself, or maybe for your company. However, how do you make an app, you now ask yourself. The idea has yet to be turned into reality. How do you go about creating your own app? Are you going to work with programming tools yourself, or would you rather outsource it?

The beginning: a brilliant idea for an app

Everything starts with inspiration, with a spark of insight. That inspiration takes shape, you decide that an app fits well with your plans. Now you have to investigate whether the idea is really good and whether the app you want to make is also distinctive. There are already thousands of apps and you have to ask yourself whether your app is just another in the line, or whether it really adds anything. You should also ask yourself who your users are, your target audience. Do they really need a new app? Do people want to start using your app? And of course, you wonder: How do you make an app? Are you going to do it yourself, or are you going to have it done?

Make it more concrete

Making apps requires the necessary preparation. You’ve researched the idea for your app. You are convinced that people are waiting for your app and that something similar in the form you envision does not yet exist. Then you are now ready for the next phase, elaborating your idea. Write down what your app should do and how it should all work. Also, ask yourself if your app should run on Android, iOS, Windows, or all of them. Have you thought about a revenue model? You may also already have ideas about the appearance of your app. Write down everything you can think of. Organize your notes. Also, pay attention to a good name for your app. When choosing the name, keep in mind that people are looking purposefully. They are looking for a certain app name, or for a certain function.

How do you make an app?

Now that you know what your app should look like and how it should all work, you can start thinking about how you want to realize the app. You have four different ways to do this:

  • Programming yourself
  • A web app
  • Using an app maker
  • Outsource to a specialist: the app developer

Programming yourself

Professional apps are programmed using a programming language. Unfortunately for the different platforms like Android, iOS and Windows you need different programming languages. If you like to program yourself, you can try to build your own app. If you don’t have any programming experience yet, you can take a course for this. It is certainly not the case that you will have sufficient knowledge within a few hours or days to program your app yourself, it is not for nothing that there are courses and courses for app developers.

A Web App

Instead of an app for your phone or tablet, you can also choose to create an app that works via the browser. Internet access is always required to run such an app. You also need knowledge of a programming language for such a web app, usually HTML5. Because a web app runs in a browser, you can use it on any platform and device. So also on your computer with macOS, Windows, or Linux. However, the revenue model is more difficult here, you cannot offer web apps in every app store.

Use an app maker

You can also assemble apps online using an app maker. These are websites where you can make your app online step by step. These types of sites are easy to use, by just following the steps you can create your own app. That sounds good and easy, but there are also disadvantages. You have less influence on the layout so that the result looks less professional than you would like. Another disadvantage is that you lose a monthly subscription price and that can add up considerably.

Outsource to a specialist

Do you have no knowledge of a programming language yourself and are you not interested in learning it or getting started on websites with an app maker? Fortunately, it is still possible to convert your idea into a well-functioning app. You will be working with an app developer who has knowledge of the programming language needed for your app. The app developer ensures that the app is built and that everything works as it should. Of course, you will have to tell us exactly how and what you want. Of course, there are costs involved if you have the app made by an app developer. What those costs will be, of course, depends on the type of app, the functions used in it, and the design. We at Glamorous Goat can help you with that. Or read more information about the cost of an app.

To the app store

When the app is ready, it must be extensively tested. It is important to devote a lot of time and attention to this. The feedback you get from users can make your app get extra attention, or not at all. If everything is in order, then you are ready to enter the market. If you want to start using an app, go to the app store of the platform used. Your app will therefore have to be published in the correct app store, i.e. in the Windows Store, the iOS App Store, or the Android Play store. Please note that there are also costs associated with this. With Android, it is a one-off amount, with iOS you pay an annual contribution. If you have had the app professionally built, your app developer can of course help you with this registration.

It doesn’t happen by itself

Placing it in the right app store is not enough. Anyone who expects that all users will spontaneously download your app will unfortunately be disappointed. You’ll need to provide the necessary promotion to alert people that a great new app has become available. It is also important to pay attention to your presentation in the app store. Think of a good description of your app, in which you return the name and function of your app. Engaging screenshots or videos give people a better idea of ​​how your app looks and works before they download or buy your app.

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