Clean your dishwasher in 4 steps

Clean your dishwasher

Your dishwasher is perhaps your best friend in the kitchen. Every day, or at least a few times a week, it turns your dirty dishes into spotless crockery. But have you ever thought about cleaning the dishwasher yourself? This means it will break less quickly and your dishes will remain clean. So do it! ? And what do you have to do? We will explain it to you step by step!

1x a week: cleaning the filter

Are you not into pre-rinsing and the spinach leaves often tossed in the dishwasher? Then clean your filter well once a week with a washing-up brush. Rice, crumbs, and oiliness all remain in this and end up in clean water during your next wash. This falls under the category of “small effort, a big gesture” – because your dishes are very happy with this and so are you! This filter is easy to remove and clean from most dishwashers. You can find the filter on the bottom of your dishwasher. Here the dirty water flows away after the rinse. You remove the filter and rinse it or you clean it with some washing-up liquid. While you’re at it, take a quick look at the dispenser and see if you see any dirt in the rest of the dishwasher. if you do it, Dishwasher cleaning |  Blog BCC

1x per season: very hot wash

Where the grease and dirt in the filter is easy to remove, that is not so easy if there is dirt in your drain hose. Solution: wash a program at the highest temperature once a quarter without dishes, but with dishwasher cleaner. This dissolves all greasy deposits and the bad odors and greasy deposits are gone. No dishwasher cleaner at home? You can also put a container of cleaning vinegar in your empty dishwasher and run a hot program.

1x per season: cleaning door seals

You’d better keep the door seals of your dishwasher spotless because before you know it you’ll have Rob Geus in your kitchen with the well-known ‘I really don’t like this statement. Although it is also very useful for your own wallet to maintain the door seals well. Once you have dirt in your rubbers, it usually doesn’t come out on its own. For example, your dishwasher can start to smell nice or the rubbers can break, causing your dishwasher to leak during the rinse. Preventing this is super easy, you only need an (old) toothbrush! A toothbrush fits exactly between the rubbers and so you can easily remove all the dirt. Add some cleaning agent and you’re done!

1x per six months: clean the spray arm

If you notice that your dishes no longer come out clean, the spray arms may be clogged. The spray arms hang under the dish drawers and they look like propellers. They can be clogged with dirt, but limescale can also prevent them from performing optimally. With a bit of luck you’ll have to crawl into the dishwasher to release your nozzles, but most dishwashers today have a handy click system. The good thing is that you only have to do this once or twice a year. With a skewer, you can clear the holes of dirt and the dishwasher can run at full power again.

Last tip: lemon with your dishes

Yep, here’s another grandmother’s tip! For shiny and fresh dishes, place half a lemon between the dishes in the dishwasher. The lemon makes your dishwasher smell nice and fresh. Put the lemon in your cutlery tray and if the lemon runs out after a few washes, just throw it away!

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