Men’s business glasses type

Generally speaking. If you have a round face, it won’t look awkward. For example, it is better to choose square-shaped glasses for a square face. It is better to choose round or oval glasses. For large faces, you should choose glasses with larger lenses. Eyes with borders on any face shape.

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The difference between business glasses and sports glasses is that they have different functions and appearances. Business glasses are designed for the needs of business people who strive for simplicity and calmness. They only need to meet the eyesight and calm and graceful functions. Sports glasses The functions are quite different. There are special basketball glasses, football glasses, motorcycle glasses, fishing glasses, swimming glasses, ski glasses, etc., these sports glasses are also different in appearance, and they are not only designed to meet functional requirements but also have sports fashion. Style. When you usually wear sportswear, if you are not doing a specific exercise, you can wear ordinary glasses or business glasses. If you are doing a specific exercise, it is best to wear sports glasses to protect your eyes.

Black frame or gold and silver glasses are better, do not choose color-changing lenses, and the frame is best without decoration

Pushing dark blue: From the perspective of matching, this color is more versatile, but it is not out of date, dark blue is stable and noble; it breaks the traditional too deep black, and the workplace is mostly black suits. At this time, a bright spot is needed. Of course, you can’t add too much color to embellishment, so dark blue is recommended! Even if it is matched with a white shirt in summer, it is more refreshing than black.

General sunglasses, good brands include Pilkington, Ray-Ban, Paul Saint, and Paramount. There are few professional brands to make myopic sunglasses. Gott and Pilkington have a small number of myopic sunglasses styles. And then use the frame of ordinary sunglasses to match myopia lenses. This requires the store to be more professional, to be able to choose a frame suitable for myopia, and to combine your degree.

First of all, it depends on what style you like. The glasses are divided into business style, literary style, retro style, casual style, and trendy fashion. If you want to balance business and leisure, I believe that this one you like will not be too fancy, some of them are quite satisfactory.

I don’t think you should bring metal frames and circle frames. Try to choose plastic and plastic frames, as well as younger styles. The most important clothes collocation and personal living habits (sides, beards) are very important.

1. Round face. Round face is suitable for glasses that can extend the contour of the face more, so that the face does not have only round lines.

2. Slender oval shape, suitable for round frames to modify the face.

3. Square face, add the next The half is an oval frame, because the curve of the glasses makes everyone visually different.

4. If you belong to a rectangular face, also remember to use a circle to improve your visual perception.

5. The inverted triangle is suitable for a square frame to modify the face shape.

6. For you with a diamond-shaped face, it is also suitable to choose a round frame.

7. The inverted triangle is suitable for glasses with more changes above the frame to give the upper half more weight.

For a square face and a larger one, you should choose a wider frame, and for a thin face, you should choose a narrower frame.

I think you should buy glasses with thick frames if you want to choose the frame A lot and the price is moderate.

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