How to design a curriculum

How to design curriculum

Every teacher or instructor plans what they are going to teach their students? How will they achieve the academic and other objectives? Who will complete certain actives and through which teaching method? These all planning and instructions in the educational world are known as curriculum. Designing a curriculum is not an easy task because your curriculum decides what and how you are going to teach in class. And if your planning is weak or not perfectly design, then for sure it will affect all the students in the class whose future is in your hand. That is why teachers design curriculum with complete attention. But most of the time, they are confused and get stuck while designing the curriculum. So here is a complete guide that will help you to learn how to design a curriculum.

Determine what are your intentions and objectives for the curriculum:
The first and initial step while designing or making a curriculum is to determine and decide your objectives regarding this curriculum. Set your goals first. Because when designing curriculum is in your hands, this means that you are the one who can shape the curriculum in any form. Although the values and objectives of your school or institution also play a part in it. But the teacher or a person designing the curriculum plays the main role. Determining your intentions and goals, in the beginning, decides your direction of work. Because when your objectives are clear and defined, you spend all of your time and efforts on that specific goal instead of wasting time on unnecessary things. Another thing is that you know the real worth of your subject.

Outline or highlight your underlying topics:
Once you have determined your goals and objectives regarding the curriculum, the next step is to highlight all the underlying topics that you will teach in your classroom. Every subject or syllabus has some most important topics which are focused more than others. This is the way you should have a strong grip on those topics as well as those topics should be planned in a way or designed in such an interesting way in a curriculum that students can easily understand them. So try to break the most important and underlying topics into several sub-topics that they become easy, and the students can easily learn or memorize the concepts. In this regard, assignment writing and other academic websites are also playing an important role by providing guidelines and samples for the teachers so that they can take help from them.

Analyze any current curriculum to determine what to add and want to discard:
The world is changing and growing so rapidly. Every day there is new discovery and invention. So it is very necessary to check whether the curriculum that you have designed for your students is updated or not. And to check it, the simplest way is to take any of the current curricula and see what those topics and new concepts are new and are not added to your curriculum. Along with that, you will also learn about the things that have become old or now in the current world, completely unnecessary or unimportant, so that you can remove them from your curriculum are. You can also make a perfect and updated curriculum by researching and keeping yourself self-updated. Because when you are completely aware of your subject and current happenings of the world you can teach and guide you students in a better way. Analyzing your curriculum critically is so important because the cooperate sector or the practical follow the current and latest trends of the world. For them, the old information is just a history or example. So if you want to prepare your students for real-world challenges, it is very necessary that you design an updated and new curriculum.

Add different types of assignments and activities to your curriculum:
Students need change. Continuously traditionally teaching them minimizes their interest in the classroom, and then the classroom becomes a boring place for them. So while designing your curriculum, add different types of activities and various varieties of assignments to your curriculum. Now in modern times, activities and assignments have become an important part of the teaching method. Because they engage the students and develop the students’ interest in the studies, besides these advantages, it also makes the process of learning easy and effective. So it is necessary to add activities and different types of assignments to your curriculum. Add different activities or at least one activity of every topic. Because doing activities is a more fun task than listening to the lectures in the classroom? Also, the topics and concepts that students learn through activities last long in the memory of the students.

Determine which resources you will use:
There are so many different resources of knowledge and information available, but while designing your curriculum, you will decide which resource will you choose for your students. When it comes to you which resource you are going to plan your lesson or curriculum, it is your choice to choose a resource you feel is more reliable and easy for you. Still, while deciding the sources of information for your students, you cannot just rely on any one source. Because there are so many different students in the class and every student is different from others, so the choices are. So whenever any situation in which students have to search them multiple resources like give them the option to use books, the internet, videos or any other resources so that they can choose one in which they are comfortable.

Design curriculum according to timetable:
Another thing that is important while designing your curriculum is to keep the time limits in your mind. For instance, for every course, you have a certain time limit in which you have to complete the whole course, so design the curriculum in a way that in a decided and allotted time, you can complete all the topics and make them clear to all the students. Also, you must have something new for every class. Plan or design curriculum in a way that you already know your everyday task. And whenever you enter the class, you are completely ready and prepared.

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