Instagram Ads: How Does It Work?

Instagram Ads is a digital strategy that allows companies to consolidate their presence on the Instagram platform.

The social network now has over two million advertisers monthly and is the channel that generates the highest ROI.

There has been a huge growth in users in recent years and there are currently more than 25 million companies worldwide.

Having said that, we understand the importance of having visibility in this channel to reach an important number of followers.

Using Instagram Ads means creating an advertisement through the creation of ads that are shared to reach millions of active users who could become potential customers.

Let’s find out together the types of advertisements or advertisements that can be made on this platform.


Ads: the ads

  1. Ads with photos
    Through images, we can tell the story of our company. The photographs have great potential because they are the first thing the user sees and attract more attention. It is advisable not to insert a text that is too long, the ideal is not to exceed 20% of the total. Photos can be viewed in landscape or portrait format.
  2. Video Ads
    Videos can also have an impact on users that should not be underestimated. In addition to the power of images, we see sounds and movements included in them. The contents must be creative and extremely effective in order to capture the interest of the viewer. Furthermore, they must have a strong utility. Up to 60 seconds can be shared in portrait or landscape format.
  3. Carousel Ads
    In a single ad, you can view multiple videos or photos (up to a maximum of 10) by swiping them from the right. This ad works well, for example, for a company that wants to highlight its products or services.
  4. Ads with collection
    It is an advertisement that involves the collection of multiple images (three or four) positioned under the main image or video. In this way, it visually helps the user to have an overall image and to directly access the product that most inspires him. You can save streaming NFL videos from NFLbit
  5. Ads on Explore
    In addition to viewing the contents of the following accounts, people are also interested in exploring the “Explore” section where they can find new interesting content. By inserting advertisements in this section it will be possible to reach other people in addition to those who already follow us.
  6. Stories ads
    Stories have great potential and an important role in marketing strategy. We should know that more than 500 million accounts use them on a daily basis. The stories can be used to inform about the latest company news or current promotions. Through Instagram Ads, you can achieve results that are important to you, reach other people in addition to followers, and improve your visibility.

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Instagram is very, very alive! On the social network, which belongs to the empire of Facebook, an estimated 70 to 80 million photos or videos are shared every day. Ascending trend.

The users of Instagram are much more active than the users of other platforms. The average interaction rate on Instagram is a remarkable 4.8%.  For comparison: the average interaction rate on Facebook is  just 0.72% according to this study .

As you surely know, Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012 and has been increasingly integrated into Mark Zuckerberg’s cosmos ever since.

The direct integration into the Facebook advertising network offers you as an advertiser many advantages. For example, you have the same targeting options on Instagram as on Facebook.

To advertise on this fascinating, creative and lively platform, you need an Instagram account and an advertising account on Facebook. You can read here how to open a Facebook advertising account .

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