How to Optimize the Cost of Custom Lipstick Packaging Boxes?

Lipstick boxes

When it comes to product packaging, the first thing which comes to mind is the cost. The commonly asked question asked by the lipstick brands is how to control the cost of Custom Lipstick Packaging boxes. It is an essential element of business success and most of the brands know its importance. So the question is how businesses can opt for creative packaging solutions by staying in your budget. Below are some money-saving tips for your lipstick boxes.

It Is Important To Know Your Options

To save the extra cost on your lipstick boxes, it is better to take proper insight into your packaging options. Material, design, and printing options are the basics of a custom box. The choice of material depends on your product requirements. If you don’t have enough budget, minimal design is in the trend and also an affordable option.

Avoid Extra Cushioning

If you choose a box according to your product’s dimension, there is no need for inner packaging. But for a delicate product like lipstick, bubble wrap is more than enough to secure the product. Excessive cushioning can lead to unnecessary costs. In lipstick packaging, you do not need hundreds of layers when a single layer of protection can do the same.

Choose Material Wisely

Material is the most important part of Custom Cosmetic Boxes. If you are using an ideal material but it costs a large amount, you should start looking for other options. Most of the cosmetic brands consider cardboard as a perfect material but recently Kraft is gaining popularity among retailers and customers. It is not only a cheap solution but also fully recyclable. You can recycle the Kraft boxes to reuse; a way to save a lot.

Always Buy In Bulks

If you are buying lipstick boxes as per the need, you are making a big mistake. Do you know that buying a large number will help to save a significant amount of money? The more you order the more you will be able to save. Most of the packaging companies offer big discounts on special occasions. Buying in the holiday season will help.

Reduce the Risk of Damage

Damage products are one of the reasons for returns. It can affect your business sales at a large level. So, it is worth to review your current lipstick packaging seriously. You might need a more durable material or need more cushioning as inner packaging. The box should also not get deformed while transportation. Also, make sure that the box should be properly sealed.

Try To Save Your Shipping Cost

Shipping costs can add a huge amount to the packaging budget. To avoid this, it is important to specify the right dimensions of the box. A reduction of a few inches can make a big difference. It is also important to choose the material which is light in weight. A heavy box will add more prices to the shipping. Ensure the safe shipping of products to reduce the returns.

There are many other options available to design affordable packaging for your lipstick packaging. The above tips are helpful equally for lipstick packaging and Lip Balm Packaging boxes. So, it is time to take the first step and make a positive impact on your customers with your cosmetic packaging.