Best Frontend JavaScript Frameworks to Learn and Build Applications

Frontend JavaScript Frameworks

To build a frontend application, you will have to use a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML adjusts the basic layout of the web page. For the visual formatting of the web page, we have to use CSS. JavaScript is responsible for the maintenance of the interactivity of a web page. If you want to start your career as a web developer, you will have to learn and use frontend JavaScript frameworks. These software packages will provide the pre-written code manuals for the faster development of web applications. While selecting the best frontend JavaScript frameworks, you should consider certain development instruments. Here, we will discuss the best frontend JavaScript frameworks that you can use to build applications.

Best Frontend JavaScript Frameworks


React is one of the simplest frontend JavaScript frameworks to learn and build applications. The Facebook team has developed this framework. The Facebook team has to constantly add the features in the app. They have developed this framework to fix the code maintainability issues. Due to its virtual DOM, it is offering exceptional functionality to the users. This framework is providing reusability of the components. You can easily collaborate with these components and use them in other parts of the application. When you will use its virtual DOM, you will enjoy a consistent and seamless experience. The users may also enjoy its super useful dev tools. If you want to build user-interface applications, you can use React. It means that it is the best framework for building single-page applications.


You can’t complete your list of frontend JavaScript frameworks without adding Angular. The main base of this framework is on TypeScript. By keeping in mind the increasing demands of technology, Google has developed this frontend framework. It is offering a unique feature of two-way data binding. This feature allows real-time synchronization between the data and view. When we will change one model, it shows its reflection on the other model and vice versa. It has become the best framework for building mobile apps. Anyhow, you can also use it to build progressive web apps. To make the learning process easier, it is offering innumerable documentation. Due to the in-built functionality changes, it will automatically update the changes.


No doubt, it is one of the earliest frontend JavaScript frameworks. Anyhow, due to its unique features, it is also showing relevancy in today’s tech world. It is offering easy to use codes for building the applications. Due to its simplicity, you don’t need to write complex and extensive codes. Here, you will also find a considerable community to get the best solutions to the problems. For the optimization of the functionality of an application, you can manipulate its CSS and DOM features. In the beginning, we can’t build mobile apps by using this framework. Nowadays, it has made enough changes in jQuery Mobile. Therefore, we can easily use it to build mobile apps. By using its HTML5 based system, you can also build native mobile applications. It is also showing flexibility for adding or removing the elements.


If you want to handle the increasing demands of modern technologies, Emberjs is one of the best frontend JavaScript frameworks. It is providing component-based and two-way data binding features to the users. By using its efficient architecture for handling concerns, you can use it to develop complex mobile and web apps. Anyhow, it has a rigid and conventional structure. Due to this structure, it is hard for us to learn this framework. As it is a new framework and it is developing, that’s why it has a small community. Anyhow, if you want to build modern applications just like LinkedIn, it is the best choice for you. To see the wide range of the application states, it is providing excellent routing. Due to its ready configuration, we can also use this framework for large scale projects.


According to a dissertation help firm, sometimes, we have to swiftly develop single-page applications. For the development of these applications, it is offering MVC architecture to the users. When we will use its architecture’s view, we can easily implement its component logic. Moreover, it is also one of the best frontend JavaScript frameworks to run engines. In these engines, there comes underscore.js and Moustache. For the development of the applications, it is also offering some tools. In these tools, there comes Thorax, Chaplin and Handlebars etc. Sometimes, we have to develop projects that require different types of users. It is also the best framework to develop these projects. Along with using a frontend framework, the users may also find it the best backend framework. It is also an easy to learn and lightweight framework for the developers.


No doubt, it is a newcomer in the frontend JavaScript frameworks. Anyhow, it is getting enough popularity across the globe. When we take an overview of its functionality and usability, we know that it is providing an intuitive interface. To maintain the self-explanatory nature of the code, it is incorporating the natural language. Therefore, the fresher can easily grasp this platform. It is also showing integration with lots of third party libraries. This thing is providing a streamlined development process to the users. If you want to get a super lightweight experience while developing applications, you should use this frontend framework. While developing the applications, the users may also get benefits from its sleek design. Its rich UI components and responsiveness are also providing the best interface to the users.


By using these frontend JavaScript frameworks, you can easily develop large scale and MVP projects. Before using a framework, you should try to know your needs. Based on your needs, you should select the best framework for the learning and development of the applications. While selecting one of these frameworks, you should be indecisive about the technology. You can also get practical experience with all the frameworks. Based on your practical experience, you can make the best choice. The most interesting thing is that you can easily learn these projects from the scratch. You can also know the pros and cons of these frameworks from the senior frontend developers.

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