Trikonasana – Triangle Pose


Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

“Trikonasana” is that the combination of two Sanskrit words “Trikon” and “Asana”, where “Trikon” means Triangle and “Asana” means pose. This asana seems like the form of a triangle, that’s why this Asana is additionally called Trikonasana. This triangle pose may be an important pose for health and wellness. This asana helps to stretch the muscles and improve the function of the body. within the asana, the body is stretched in such the simplest way that the triangular shape is made.

This asana helps to strengthen the muscles within the hip and chest region. It also helps reduce low back pain.

English name: – Triangle pose.
Pronunciation: – Tree-Kone-ahs-ana
Sanskrit name: – Trikona.
Position: – Standing.
Preparatory poses:- Tadasana and vrksasana

Trikonasana – Triangle Pose and its benefits?

Trikonasana is a standing position and provides deep stretching of all parts of the body. After you try this asana, the whole weight of your body rests on the calves of the bent legs, next to the muscles of the hand that’s resting on the ground, strengthening both successively. Trikonasana improves balance and concentration and is additionally good for strengthening the core and legs.

Important beginner tips to try and do Trikonasana Triangle Pose

Yoga beginners always ensure they need to be done a decent full-body warm-up exercise before doing this asana.
It is more important to stay the proper leg straight than to bring the proper hand to the bottom.
Do not rest your hand directly on the knee, as this creates an excessive amount of pressure on the knee.
When trying to try to to this trikonasana, always confirm to stay your lower back completely straight.
As you perform the asana, ensure that you simply don’t rotate along the hips likewise.

Caution to try to Trikonasana

If you suffer from back and spine injuries, you must not perform Trikonasana.
The patient with high or low pressure always avoids this asana.
The person affected by migraine avoids this asana.
A person full of diarrhea, neck and back injuries, shouldn’t do that Trikonasana.
Especially for pregnant women, if there are any complications, you must practice under the
guidance of an expert and consult a doctor before doing Trikonasana.
If you’re doing this asana, don’t lean against the knee because it puts excessive pressure on the knee which might result in knee problems.

How to do Trikonasana (triangle pose)

To do this asana just follow the steps.
First, stand with a distance between your legs of roughly three to four feet.
Now, extend your arms to shoulder height, inhale and lift your right arm to the side of your head.
After that, bend your right arms and exhale to the left side keeping your weight equally on both feet. you mostly confirm your right arm is parallel to the bottom.
Now you ought to maintain this position in step with your comfort with normal breathing and reach the first position by inhaling.
Now, do the identical procedure with the left arm.
Repeat bending the left side then the proper side and perform 4-6 rounds of Trikonasana.
Trikonasana benefits (triangle pose)


This Trikonasana helps to strengthen the legs, ankles, and knees.
This asana is nice for your digestion
In Trikonasana, the Triangulum pose helps expand the chest and shoulders.
With this asana, you provide endurance, balance, energy, and develop concentration.
It helps to strengthen the muscles of the hips, thighs, and back.
This asana may be wont to manage stress.
This asana is suggested for those who face the conditions of weight and obesity because this asana is nice for burning fat.

Helps improve balance

Helps improve balance and increase concentration.
By performing Trikonasana, you increase your physical and mental health.
Reduces anxiety, stress, back pain, and sciatica.
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