Do You Really Need Sunscreen?

While buying cosmetics and skin care stuff, how many times have you thought about buying sunscreen or not? Probably a lot of times, right? And after thinking for a while, if you decide to buy it, you might not be confident about your decision. 

On the other hand, dermatologists focus on applying no matter what the weather. When the summer season starts, cosmetic companies start promoting sunscreen that makes an impact in people’s minds. 

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Well, to make your decision easy and to introduce the sunscreen benefits and why you should incorporate it in your skincare routine, we have come up to solve a query- do you really need sunscreen?

Why do you need sunscreen? 

Sunscreen works as a savior for your skin that protects you from the harmful rays of sun. These rays are even so dangerous that cause several skin conditions such as tanning, sunburn, blemishes and even skin cancer. might not seem beneficial in the beginning but its results show after a few years then your skin will thank you for this. So, the basic reason to wear a is to protect your skin from harmful rays of sun such as:

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays
  • Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays

UVA rays cause a reduction in elasticity and that results in wrinkles and premature aging signs. That’s why you need sunscreen to have young and glowing skin.

UVB sun rays cause several skin problems including sunburn, skin cancer and blemishes. If you want to get rid of these issues and want to prevent them then consider wearing sunscreen.

Benefits of sunscreen

Sunscreen is a go to product for your skin in all seasons whether it’s summer, winter, rainy and cloudy season. Let’s discuss the amazing benefits of sunscreen to reduce skin owes.

Prevents premature aging

Harmful rays of sun damage the skin and lead to premature aging signs around the eyes, forehead and other areas. To prevent wrinkles and fine lines, sunscreen is the best and permanent solution for this. You should wear sunscreen everyday to keep your skin protected and hydrated as well.

Prevents sunburn

Sunburn is an itchy and irritating situation caused by the harmful rays of the sun. To avoid sunburn and for a soothing effect, sunscreen is a must. Our skin is likely to be prone to sunburn in summer when the sun is at its peak. Apply sunscreen evenly and reapply after a few hours or after contacting with water. Say bye bye to sunburn and hello to sunscreen.

  • Reduces blemishes 

Blemishes are caused by the impact of sun rays or if you already have blemishes then sun rays can make it worse. Blemishes can be reduced with the application of SPF 40 or more that stops the sun from harming your skin. The easiest and effective way to resolve blemishes and pigmentation apply sunscreen whenever you are heading out, even some dermatologists suggest using this indoors too.

  • Avoid tanning

Suntan is a common problem among the people in the summer season. To avoid tanning, you need to wear sunscreen as this protects from the harmful rays of sun. Tanning is hard to treat after affecting the skin. One simple solution to stay outdoors without the fear of tanning and sunburn, you have to wear SPF properly and reapply it after sweating. This is the one solution for all the problems.

  • Prevents skin cancer

Harmful UVB rays of sun even cause skin cancer. Just think once how dangerous this is. What if we can prevent skin cancer just by the daily application of SPF? You will be ready for this right. Well, you should. Because only sunscreen can prevent you from diseases like cancer. Apply sunscreen everyday without any excuse and keep it in your hand for reapplication that often happens in the summer season.

Where should you apply sunscreen? 

The areas of our body that come in exposure to the sun should wear sunscreen. The face, hands, arms, neck, and feet are more likely to come in the sun exposure and chances to get affected by the harmful rays.

Other body parts are covered with clothes so you don’t have to apply sunscreen there. Also, often we ignore our lips but it’s also affected by the sun rays that can result in dry, patchy, pigmented lips. You can simply apply the same sunscreen on your lips too or buy a lip balm that contains SPF- many lip balms are available in the market.

Bottom line

Hope you are now well aware of the fact why you need to include sunscreen in your daily skincare regime. Sunscreen is the protector for your skin just like the clothes protect the body. Cover hair and most of your skin to reduce the chances of harmful effects of sunrays.

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