How can GISMA improve your employability skills?

How can GISMA improve your employability skills?

These days, getting the top grades in your degree doesn’t guarantee a job offer on your graduation. Therefore, employers expect fresh graduates to have impeccable resumes and excellent communication GISMA improve.

The placement cells of colleges and universities are extremely important for developing these kinds of abilities in the students. A well developed career centre is an important aspect for any business school which can help its students reach their career goals.

Read ahead to learn how the GISMA Career Centre can help you secure your dream job. You can also click here to learn in-depth about the services available there.

How does the GISMA Career Centre function to improve your employability?

GISMA offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that combine theoretical knowledge with relevant practical skills. Therefore, GISMA students develop an intrinsic knowledge of different industries which helps them secure well-paying jobs in those domains.

Thus, the Career Centre maximises their chances of landing their dream jobs.

The Career Centre offers the following career services:

  1. Connecting students with prospective employers: GISMA has partnered with various companies and organisations in and around Berlin to provide meaningful career opportunities to its students.
  2. Inspiring the students to become thought leaders in the industry: GISMA regularly invites business leaders and forward thinkers from different domains to share their thoughts and experiences to inspire the next generation of thought leaders from the business school. GISMA also hosts panel discussions and other leadership events to give a global perspective to its students.
  3. Providing access to cutting-edge jobs: GISMA students get access to an online recruitment platform called Job Teaser which allows them to stay ahead of their competition and reach their career potential.

GISMA’s career centre is available to all the students enrolled in various academic programmes at GISMA. You should therefore invest in a suitable programme at GISMA today to establish a successful career in the future.

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