Pakistan’s top five highest-earning websites

Pakistan's top five highest-earning websites

Many Pakistanis and people from other countries earn money from Google, and this is the case in Pakistan as well. However, some of the top highest-earning websites, which are AdSense top earners, are mentioned below.

Jang is a leading Pakistani news website that also publishes newspapers from various cities across Pakistan. The editor of Jang is Mir Khalil ur Rehman, and the newspaper is old and well-known.

What is Jang’s monthly revenue from This website, which currently has a global rank of 3,075 and a Pakistani rank of 33, is a high-earning website with an average daily earning of $2160 and a monthly earning of 63 lac Pakistani rupees. earning websites

Olx is the first and most popular Pakistani classified website, earning money from Google and advertising after Jang. Olx is a high-ranking and profitable website.

This website has an Alexa rank of 2,493 and the best Pakistani rank of 20, as well as approximate regular and monthly earnings. With Pakistani currency of 60,00000, its daily revenue is $2010, and its monthly revenue is $57287.46. :

After that, the most well-known news website in Pakistan, which is also the highest-earning website, comes in seventh. It has an Alexa rank of 2,474 in Pakistan, with a Pakistani rank of 23 being the highest of the above one, and an average daily revenue of $1669 and a monthly revenue of express 50 lac Pakistani.

Geo is Pakistan’s best and most popular television and news website, with an Alexa rank of 6,369 in Pakistan 87, daily revenue of $1453 and monthly revenue of 43,59000 Pakistani rupees.

Tribune is an English-language website that covers all of Pakistan’s and the world’s news. Get here and learn about this website’s global ranking of 4,294 and its Pakistani ranking of 58, as well as its daily revenue of $576 and monthly revenue of 1Feature Articles,728000 Pakistani rupees. earning websites

Purchasing the latest devices and launches is a pastime for many people. Tech nerds are still on the lookout for the latest and greatest. They make excellent presents because they are something that anyone can use. There are websites, such as Noon, that specialise in their gadgets and technology section, with a large selection from which to choose. Noon coupons can be useful when buying your new electronics.

Buying electronics from online forums has become increasingly popular in recent years. People used to be very adamant about going to a physical store and feeling the product before making a purchase. The whole situation has changed dramatically. People are opting for online shopping websites pakistan because online electronics stores will provide you with detailed details about the product you’re purchasing. earning websites

Furthermore, these websites are able to offer substantial discounts on electronics, which contributes to the rise in revenue. An earlier apprehension was that online warranties would be unreliable and would not hold up in service centres. Now, with online electronics stores offering consumers the advantages of accountable and extended warranties, the myth is also dispelling. The alternatives are now very clear.

Here are some items to bear in mind for a great online electronics shopping experience:

When is the safest time to buy electronics?

Companies release new products and upgrade existing ones at various times of the year. There are also days when all of the electronics are on sale at a low price and great deals. These normally occur during festival seasons, when the selling of electronics is at its peak. This is typically the best time to purchase gadgets, so be mindful of the best time to buy.

Product Comparison

With so many goods and brands joining the technology market, purchasing technology online gives you the advantage of being able to quickly compare and contrast specifications and reviews of various products. You’ll be able to see a full product description and then make an educated decision on what you’re purchasing by excluding features that you don’t care about. Take advantage of this feature provided by shopping websites such as It could be the deciding factor in your purchase decision.

Discounted prices

Electronics and electronic equipment are often on sale. With coupons such as noon discount codes and noon coupon codes, gadgets can be purchased for a low price. When it comes to buying gadgets, never overlook couponing websites like Barakatalan. They make it easy for customers on a budget to purchase gadgets. Before considering purchasing electronics online, it is well worth the effort to visit such couponing websites. They might be able to save you a lot of money while still providing you with valuable information about the best products on the market.


Perhaps the most useful thing is to read feedback from people who have already purchased and used the product. This offers you a non-advertised, real-time viewpoint on the item you’re trying to buy. Be sure to read reviews from a variety of people rather than just one. This will provide you with a variety of viewpoints to ensure that you are not reading from the perspective of a single consumer who purchased a faulty product. Also, only accept reviews that were written at least six months after the product was purchased. This is because new gadgets generally function well at first and only develop problems after a few months of use. When it comes to purchasing electronics, reading a well-written review will make all the difference. Also, remember to repay the favour when you purchase your own gadget. After a few months of use, write detailed reviews about the product.

Just purchase from reputable websites.

These days, every website sells gadgets and claims to be the best. Since they promote strong promotions and discounts, it’s easy to be duped by the business offering the lowest priced products. However, make sure you only buy from reputable websites to avoid being scammed. Noon is well-known in the Middle East for the high-quality gadgets it sells from a variety of brands. This will also guarantee that the product will be shipped to you in a safe and damage-free manner. As a result, websites with Feature Articles have a structured method of distributing their goods learn more

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