Why so many people go for civil services examination?

Why so many people go for civil services examination?

In the era that we are seeing post lockdown due to corona virus is not same as before. With extensive loss of occupation and livelihood, the entire idea of doing a job has seen pragmatic shift. Towards the end, people have to realize that money is not all that a job must be providing. To understand the civil services examination as well as the social effects of COVID in the recent times, you can check the forums of Best IAS Academy in Bangalore.

A job should be as such it gives security, assurance, satisfaction and respect along with good money. Everything that Civil Services Examination has a name for. But it’s not all. Civil Services Examination is more than just a job. Its prestige lies in the pattern and level of examination itself. The CSE examination is one among the toughest exams in the world. It can be well understood by the fact that the success rate of clearing this examination is nothing above 0.1% for a newbie. To gauge the pattern and scheme of CSE examination, get yourself acquaint with UPSC Coaching Classes in Bangalore.

Is it worth it?

Since only a few handful in a million clears the examination in the first attempt, the question then arises is Civil Services Examination worth the effort?  How to understand the gravity of zeal people have for civil services. What justifies the huge demand for Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore?  Let us look into it.

The journey

The reason why so many people go for civil services probable lies in the beauty of its journey. It is not that CSE requires some expert knowledge on subjects. Neither does it asks for exceptional academic record or soaring grades. The eligibility is as such that even a student with an average background can pursue it. For better understanding about the eligibility criteria and age bar, consider going through the discussions of Best IAS Academy in Bangalore

The CSE involves five core subjects that have been a part of our bookshelves since the primary level of education. It just gives an in depth insight to all the subjects. Towards the end of your preparation you will be aware of almost everything that is happening around you. You be socially sensitive and informed.

The Grind

The preparation of civil services is not mere knowledge enlightening. It also refines your personality in incredible ways. The foundational courses in Civil Servicesare churned out of the same motive. It teaches you patience and perseverance. It teaches you time management and the value of efforts. The knowledge and life lessons gained in the Civil Services preparation never goes in wane. You will reap the benefits throughout your life irrespective of your career. The preparation being so significant needs expert guidance. Aspirants can seek Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore for the same.

The Job

Next, arrives the real deal. What makes Civil Services what is it. The job of a civil servant is filled with power and prestige. It is one among the most reputed positions in the country. A civil servant enjoys a different level of social status and aura. The civil beings are not mere civilians but an epitome of strength, decisiveness and responsibility. The entire burden of governance rests upon their shoulders.

The sessions of toppers and experts in the Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka gives an idea about the work culture and post selection phase.

The fair deal

Let’s look at some points in nutshell that defines the grandeur of Civil Services.

  • Civil Services give you a chance to participate in nation building. It offers you a position where you can contribute to the society.
  • Along with fair salary, civil services give you various allowances and privileges that no other job in the country could give.
  • It has job security and work assurance.
  • The civil services include both desk as well as field jobs. Hence you will get a diversity of work.
  • The civil services entrusts you with great power to take decisions in the favor of citizens.

The above points clearly jots out the advantage of pursuing civil services as your career. It advances your capabilities and prepares you for the toils of life.

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