Sports During pregnancy: A guide for pregnant women

Sports During pregnancy: the sports ministry publishes a guide for pregnant women

What sport to practice when you are pregnant? What are the virtues of regular physical activity during a guide for pregnant women? To see more clearly, the Ministry of Sports has published a guide to sports practice during maternity. What it contains in brief.


  • What sport to practice during my pregnancy?
  • 4 safe activities to do while pregnant
  • Sports to limit or avoid during pregnancy
  • Pregnant, are high-risk sports practicable

Regular physical activity is recommended at any age in life. But Sports During pregnancy, due to fatigue, shortness of breath or even lack of time, it can be difficult to play sports.

To help pregnant women see more clearly what they can or cannot do in terms of physical activities, the Ministry of Sports has announced the release of a “ guide to sports practice during maternity ”. Because sports practice during pregnancy can ” significantly reduce the risk of premature birth or the subsequent risk of overweight, or even obesity and has real benefits for the fetus,” he said in a press release. .

Produced in collaboration with health professionals (two doctors, a gynecologist and four midwives) and the general direction of social cohesion., This guide aims to give expectant mothers all the advice and resources about the practice of sport. during pregnancy: the possible activities at different stages of a guide for pregnant women and after childbirth, simple exercises and movements adapted to the feelings, desires, needs of each, the different sports federations, Maisons Sports Santé etc.

In detail, the guide includes explanations on the changes in the body during my pregnancy, the interest and benefits of physical exercise when you are pregnant, or a questionnaire on fitness for the practice of physical activity. It is available on the website of the ministry .

What sport to practice during my pregnancy?

Many sports champions and celebrities publish photos of her in the middle of an ab session during their pregnancy on social networks . Can they do it? A priori, no problem: a normal pregnancy is compatible with physical activity, but be careful, not all of them, and in moderation!

Exercise is not contraindicated during a guide for pregnant women, but if you are an avid athlete, you may need to change your practice. The advice of your doctor is in any case essential before continuing your activity or starting a new one.

Swimming, the sport best suited to pregnancy

  • you will be able to strengthen all your muscles and in particular the abdomen, back, perineum, thighs;
  • you will also work on breathing .

Prolonged apnea, as with scuba diving, is not recommended, but underwater blocking your breathing for a few seconds is very beneficial. This exercise prepares you for the day of childbirth knowing that swimming and lifeguard course is allowed until the end of your pregnancy except in the case where the cervix is ​​open.

Swim on your back or side

  • Regarding the type of exercise, opt for swimming on the back or on the side. It is in these positions that you will feel most comfortable.
  • As for the water temperature, lukewarm is perfect: between 22 and 24 ° C.
  • Finally, if you can, do a few aquagym sessions , another way to exercise your body without too much effort.
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4 safe activities to do while pregnant


Unless there are contraindications, walking is a sporting activity more than recommended for expectant mothers. Simple, inexpensive, walking ensures good breathing and bodybuilding. But no need to do trekking and other hikes if you are not sporty at the base.

Half an hour of daily walking will do the trick. Put on tennis shoes and take a calm step forward in order to control your breathing because you will tend to get out of breath. The whole on a ground not too uneven.

Gym, dance and yoga

Here are three things you can do while pregnant.

  • Dancing and the gym allow your body to maintain weight training and breathing.
  • The yoga promotes relaxation.

The condition: softness. Obviously no acrobatic dance, but more classical or rhythmic dance.

In all cases, adapt your rhythm to the progress of your pregnancy. Do shorter sessions in late pregnancy and slowly stop with stretching and / or relaxation.

Sports to limit or avoid during pregnancy

Difficult to practice certain sports to the end

The walks , the bicycle , the jogging , the ski or the tennis are activities that you can not practice until the last day.

First of all, all risk of falling must be eliminated. From the second trimester your belly will round and shift your center of gravity. Consequence: you will tend to fall more easily. And all the sports mentioned require a dose of balance. For example, the bicycle is exercised only on flat roads and until the fifth month.

With skiing, you will quickly feel breathing constraints with altitude.

But each case is individual and depends on your habits, your experience. If you ski really well and never fall, you may be able to hit the slopes for longer. Do not hesitate to talk about it with your doctor or midwife.

Pregnant, are high-risk sports practicable?

Maintaining reasonable physical activity during these nine months is advised. However, all so-called violent sports should be avoided because trauma can endanger the life and health of your baby.

  • We find in the category of sports at risk: horse riding, judo, windsurfing or rollerblading.
  • In general, there are also all team sports (basketball, volleyball, etc.) which can lead to blows, falls, shocks.
  • We are also removing all mechanical sports such as motorcycles, car racing. We advocate moderation of the effort to the maximum so as not to add additional fatigue to a pregnancy that is already exhausting. You have to be able to move regularly without danger.

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