Is excessive cell phone usage for kids change behavior?

Is excessive cell phone usage changing kid's behavior?

Parents are very much concerned about the mental and physical growth of their children. Today kids are growing up with the advanced technology and digital media for the fulfillment of the demand of society. The world is around the latest media or smart devices and everyone wants to take benefits from the upbringing technology. Today kids are grown up with cell phone usage for kids advanced smart devices. They are very much influence to use these smartphones, tablets, iPad, laptops, and computer devices. The new technology of smart gadgets internet and social media is a direct impact on kid’s health.

 It can damage the kids growing years with the excessive usage of smart devices. The concerns exist regarding the impact of using mobile phones on kid’s health and well-being them like sleep problems, mental growth, tumor, less interest in the study and psychiatric diseases, and hot bottom issues. It can be the result of the use of wireless devices (cell phones, laptops) daily but if it can use in some restricted manner that can be safe enough for kids and others. Most important concern of parents to maintain the distance from the cell phone of their children.

The cell phone is not an appropriate device for kids

Over time kids are adults are influenced to keep these devices in their pockets. Having mobile phones means the kids are definitely to use them and addicted to the internet and social media devices. When talking about the use of cell phones and the internet we can’t ignore the negative side effects. Cell phones are direct influence the kid’s mental health and disturb the sleep routine and interference with the study of kids. That can increase the concern of parents towards their children cell phone usage for kids.

Impacts of excessive using of cell phones

Latest devices mean advanced technology that is deeply influenced by the kid’s mental and physical upbringing. Kids spend an average of their day with this technology for different concerns. The internet is a huge platform of knowledge and information for people. But a kid’s usage of social media is leaving some negative impact on them. Here is some of the serious impact of excessive using of cell phone usage for kids.

Poor academic performance

Many kids carry cell phones all-time in their pockets and they are much like to use the mobile internet and social media. They chat with friends, play games and missing the important lesson of their study. They lose interest in their study.

Inappropriate media

As well as the other gadgets cell phones device can be used for the wrong purpose. While using the cell phone and social media kids come across some inappropriate photos, videos, and text that are shared with friends and others on social media can be dangerous.

Sleep disturbance

Children use cell phones late at night to talk with friends, play games, and scroll on social media. That is after a while can because of restless and disturb in sleep.

Effect on mental health

Many children cell phone usage changing kid’s behavior who faced harassment on the internet may damage their mental health.

Behavioral problem

Kids mostly use a cell phone without any supervision of their parents and family. When they use cell phones and approach different social media can change the attitude and behavior of kids.

Mobile phone safety tips for parents

  • Avoid providing cell phones below the age of 16-year kids. And must stay in touch with the school teacher to check the academic performance.
  • Parents should set the limits and some roles to use the mobile by their kids.
  • Avoid constantly giving cell phones to their children.
  • As parents, should keep an eye on all the activities and movements of their kids. 
  • Keep distance the cell phone from kids at night for better sleep.

The solution to controlling the excessive use of cell phone

There is a solution to keep an eye on kid’s cell phones and through the tracking software.

TheOneSpy mobile tracking software

The TheOneSpy mobile tracker is a safe and secure monitoring application to keep an eye on the targeted cell phones. It can help parents to check the kid’s online activities and protect them from any online dangers. It works secretly and tracks the activities more than your imaginations.

Features of the cell phone monitoring application

Call recording

With the help of cell phone monitoring software parents can easily record the upcoming and outgoing calls of targeted device.

Screen shots

It captures the screen shots of targeted device secretly.  To know the current activities of their kids cell phone.

Email/ messenger chat

To monitor the incoming emails, text messages, chat, and even monitor the group messages of targeted cell phone.


It can create the backup system of images, videos and even the downloading images or also media files.


In the digital era, kids use cell phones almost average of every day. Using excessive smart devices can prove dangerous for kids. So parents should use the theOneSpy cell phone monitoring application to track the kids’ activities.

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