What is Hair packaging?

What is Hair packaging?

Hair is the beauty of both man and woman. One finds himself or herself incomplete without hair. So if someone is lacking with this blessing he or she use hair extensions for their inner satisfaction. Many of the companies manufacture hair extension so for its proper packaging they use hair extension boxes. These boxes are manufactured in such a way that they do not damage or tangles the hair extension so that these can easily be used. And the packaging of these extension boxes can also increase your marketing. For the packaging a number of factors are important such as: What is Hair packaging?


Material is the basic component of any packaging. For hair packaging Kraft, Cardboard and corrugated material. Kraft is very thin as compare to cardboard and corrugated material as well as it is not good for weather resistant whereas, cardboard is thick then Kraft and is more stable but it also not too good for weather resistance and under high pressure or temperature it can deform its shape. Similarly corrugated material is more stable and thick than both Kraft and cardboard. But the most commonly used material for packaging is cardboard. The material can be according to customer`s choice.


Design of the packaging increase the value of the product. There are professionals who design your packaging for your product. The color of the boxes can be according to nature of the hair extension such as according to the color of the hairs so that it can be easy for the customer to find out. The design for the hair extension boxes is designed according to the customer desire with professional’s satisfaction.


Style is the way of presenting something. Hair extension boxes can be in various styles such as, font tuck, reverse tuck, sleeve boxes, two piece etc. It makes your customer to easily open the box and use the product without damaging. You can also add window die cut in hair extension boxes. In window die cut one have two options with PVC and without PVC.

Shapes and size:

The hair extension boxes are available in all size according to customer’s requirement. These extension hair extension boxes. can be in all shapes such as square, rectangular, oval, circle, elongated etc to keep hairs according to your desire. The size of the boxes should be ideal so that it can be easy to carry from one place to another. You can also handles with the boxes to make it easier to carry.

Printed Hair extension boxes with logo:

Printing of the packaging make it eye- catching for the customer. For printing latest techniques such as offset, screen as well as digital printing is used but most commonly digital printing is used but customer can change their technique according to their wish. For this number of templates and the graphic team also helps to figure out your company logo.


Finishing makes it more long lasting and stable. For finishing touch different themes a can be added such as matte, glossy, glittery etc to make it more attractive. For luxurious packaging for we can add handmade drawings, ribbons cute bows on the hair packaging boxes. For more you can add quotes to attract customer.

Eco friendly material:

The material used in the manufacture of hair extension boxes is totally biodegradable and weather resistant. The material is totally water proof as well as stable. In case of shipping if any stress is applied on the boxes they will remain stable and not harm your product. Other than this these boxes are reusable.

 Impact on the customer:

These packaging can increase the sales rate of your product as well as it can also help you to expand your business. The company logo on the extension hair boxes can increase your trust on the customer so that they come again and again to buy your product. As hair extensions are trending now days due to which there are a number of manufacturers in the market and competition have also increased everyone want win this race. The good packaging of the hair extension can make you win in this race.

Wholesale rate:

If someone is new in the market and want to increase the growth rate and sales rate of the company. But want on save money on the packaging of the product than you should try discount offers. If you order in the form of bulk you can get flat off on the packaging. Wholesale discount offers is something that one should never miss. Other than this the quality of the packaging remains same throughout the packaging. You can get best quality with maximum quantity at a very reasonable rate.

Hair extension boxes by ICustomboxes:

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