Learn to Search Engine Optimization Complete SEO Beginners Guide

How to Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Complete SEO Beginners Guide

Hello Friends! I hope you enjoyed my previous post on Learn Basic SEO .It is third part of the . We will optimize our complete blog using some techniques. SEO Beginners Guide Optimization of site or blog is very necessary for search engine as well as for good user experience. The methods we will use in this article require medium expertise level. You should know what cache is. A basic knowledge of web design will help. I am not going to explain in depth. I feel it bore the user when someone writes a long article. Here you will get “to the point problems and its solution”. Let’s start this tutorial.

SEO Beginners Guide

Page Load Time Optimization:

We are talking about a very important factor of any website or blog. Suppose you have a very good and informative blog. But when user feels that it’s taking much time to load full page, he/she may leave without waiting Complete. You may lose a loyal reader or customer if you run a business site. So how we can control page load time and reduce it to maximum possible level? Well, here is the way to go:

SEO Beginners Guide

1. Responsive Design :

In a nutshell, responsive designed site fits in any type of browser as well as gadgets like smartphone, tablets, notebook and PC. A wordpress blogger should use framework based themes like Genesis and Thesis. Genesis framework is best wordpress theme available today. It is SEO friendly and coded with W3C standards.

SEO Beginners Guide

2. Minimal Code and Resources :

A website should be design with minimum coding. Don’t use java script heavily. Use clean design instead of colourful. Don’t use flash to just impress user. Your aim should be good content for Digital Marketing Company names

3. Leverage browser caching :

You can speed up your site load time by enabling caching. Complete Caching is a locally saved data. If you have enabled cache, some of your website resources like javascript, css and images will be saved on local disc during first time visit by any visitor. When user revisits the site, all these resources will load quickly from cache instead of loading from server. Thus it will improve user experience. You can use some wordpress plugin:

W3 Total Cache
WP Super Cache
Hyper Cache

Use of best CDN( Content Distribution Network ) will reduce site load time globally. Cloudflare is best CDN Network.
Cache can be enabled by rewriting htaccess file. Set freshness lifetime to one week for cacheable resources. I will post next time on how to edit “htaaccess file” and set up smart caching.
Other methods to improve site load time are:

Use latest w3C standard while coding website.
Don’t use deprecated tags and methods
Check for broken link. If they are present in the coding, remove them.

Check load time using these tools:

1. Page speed insight by Google

2. Pingdom Tool

When I tested my blog’s speed, I got 83 point in Google page speed insight and got 86 points using pingdom tool.

Server / Hosting Optimization:

We can’t optimize server easily due to some technical difficulty. Alternately we can use best hosting for our blog. Don’t go for cheap and untrusted hosting. Always use trusted, reliable and fast we host like Hostgator and Bluehost. If your server goes down frequently, probably, you will be out from SERP. If you want to purchase best hosting at cheap price then I recommend Hostgator. It is award winning host. Use coupon code “TRICKSOVERFLOW” (without quote) and you will get 25 % discount instantly and 60 % cashback of total referral money earned by us. Visit our Hostgator Deals page to know more about this offer.

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