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Over the years, the Reception Desks Online have evolved & become a vital part of the corporate identity of every business & office. Since they represent your business, designing a perfect landing zone can make a lasting impression on the hearts of the visitors & clients.

While the market offers countless shapes, sizes & designs of reception counters to choose from, selecting the suitable one can turn out to be a tedious task. However, keeping a few factors in mind can help you purchase just the right Reception Desks Online. It brightens up the office’s ambiance & lightens the mood of the employees as they walk into a welcoming workspace.

This article addresses some more practical reasons & benefits of incorporating a modular reception counter in your workplace.

The Need for a fantastic Reception Space & Desk

In today’s world, where open plan & flexible working is becoming a norm in the businesses, a great demand for avant-garde reception desks is being witnessed. This kind of format lets the visitors have a personal experience of your work culture at their first visit.

Let us understand the benefits of an impressive reception desk.

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Advantages of a Modular Reception Counter

Reception Corner is known as the first point of contact between a company & its visitors & clients. Failing to do so can put your potential clients & customers off, even if the rest of your office is hi-fi.

Here are some of the benefits of an impressive modular reception desk:

1). Improves health: Receptionists tend to develop various health problems over time due to excessive sitting, such as blood pressure & other postural-muscular problems. This improves their health, enhances productivity, and lowers absenteeism.

2). Improves staff well-being: Research shows that receptionists using both sitting & standing reception desk are more than 85% energized & happy. If your reception staff is enthusiastic & comfortable in the environment they like, their well-being will improve & they will engage more in their work.

3). A well-furnished & designed reception desk can transform the ambiance of your office from a mundane one. It represents your business as a professional one before your customers & clients.

4). A modular reception corner lightens up the office’s atmosphere & blends positivity in it. It keeps the employees energized & dedicated to their job, enhancing their productivity.

5). the reception area is the best possible representation of every business. It portrays the strength, work ethics & core concept of your company. Therefore, you must ensure your receptionist is highly amiable & has a pleasing personality.

Tips & Tricks to Creating a Delightful Reception Area

Regardless of the type of business your company deals in, a few basic guidelines can be followed to design a perfect reception area.

  • Dedicated space for the reception: Ensure having a separate reception area away from the rest of the office to minimize any potential disturbances or distractions caused by visitations.
  • A Modular Reception Corner: Every office requires an impressive reception desk that complements other furniture & represents your business the best.
  • Comfortable Seating: Seating is an integral part of the reception area as the visitors & customers sit & wait in this zone. Ensure placing chairs or sofas that enhance the area’s appearance & render comfort to the guests.
  • A tool to promote: Receptions are just the ideal place for promoting your company’s work ethics, achievements & milestones. You can place awards or certificates, & the company’s newsletter won by your organization in the reception area. This way, you can promote your brand effortlessly.
  • Additional Accessories: Besides incorporating comfortable chairs, you can place a table with a vase, newspapers, the latest magazines, or a TV screen to keep guests entertained as they wait.

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