Fighting 101 – Does Brass Knuckle Knife Actually Work?

All tools have one particular task they are ideal for and the same goes for weapons. Something that is used for fighting needs to be effective and impactful for it to be useful. When it comes to hand held weapons, workability is also dependent on personal strength and agility. One of the most commonly used hand held weapons are brass knuckles that are also simple to use. But a more modified version of the brass knuckle is the brass knuckle knife that’s meant for fighting as well. It is a knuckle buster that protects the fingers and has a blade attached to it for attacking. The two different weapons in individuality also work really well and combined it’s pretty effective as well.

You see, the real measure of success with a brass knuckle knife is based on two things, material and mechanism. If you have a good brass or heavy metal knuckle knife, it will give you better force and cutting ability. If the blade and the knuckle are joined well and crafted properly, it will be a clever weapon to have on you. In theory and the way you use, a knuckle knife provides protection and is also quite threatening. It allows you to have more control over your weapon through the finger rings. The blade varies in size and ferocity based on what kind of knife you get and from where.

Where Does The Knuckle Knife Even Come From?

Every good invention is usually a result of an impending need and that’s the case with a knuckle knife as well. During World War I there was a large population of soldiers fighting in the trenches. They were pitted against their opponents to protect themselves in direct combat with different weapons. In order to have something for self defense as well as attack, knuckle knives were created. Due to the nature of its use, this was famously called the trench knife. It was meant to be used for slashing, punching and stabbing to avoid lose contact with the enemy. There were various techniques developed to fully utilize the strength of the brass knuckle knife.

Eventually after the end of the war, the trench knife was still being used in the army. Soldiers are still trained to utilize them when they are fighting without a gun. It is a fool proof self defense weapon that comes in handy as a second option. Nowadays they are also manufactured for civilians and professional fighters.

Types of Knuckles Knives You Will Find In The Market

Despite the fact that many other weapons have been created since the past few decades, tradition prevails. There are still some traditional weapons that are being made for weapon enthusiasts and collectors. One of these is of course the knuckle knives that have their own niche market to attend to. But for whatever reason if you decide to buy a trench knife, you will find two basic editions.

Fighting Techniques With A Brass Knuckles Knife

Since one of the major applications of brass knuckle knives is fighting, how do you use it properly? Well there might not be much use of it in the military or for battling enemies, it’s still useful. Mainly, the knuckle knife is ideal for self defense for ordinary people, with a little training. It goes without saying something as dangerous as a knuckle knife should not be used without practice. You can train yourself to use it with some simple steps if you’re looking to learn self defense with it.

Where To Source The Best Knives For Self Defense

As a weapon of choice, knives are slightly more complicated than other weapons. There is a lot of personal strength, presence of mind and practice involved. But once you get the hang of the technique, it is so worth it when it helps save your life. As for the actual knives and their availability, you might have to look harder for knuckle knives in the market. You can search your local trusted stores but the best source will be online stores.

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