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The stereotype about the fact that the force – a lot of people are so unjustified as far as possible in principle. The thing is that the female body Health is essentially free of the hormone testosterone. But precisely because of his presence transformed the body of a man, when he began to go to the gym. fitness for women will not provide such an external effect, as many think.

But the benefits of these activities are enormous, as they will affect the structure of the body as a whole, improve the posture of women and change its proportions much more pleasantly.


The development of endurance and facelift easily – that is all that can provide fitness. Strength training also has a lot more advantages. Health

These exercises could have a positive effect on bone muscle, improve the smooth and stabilizing muscles and improve the performance and condition of the heart muscle.

However, the advantages do not end there. Constant training requires the formation of a large amount of minerals in the tissue of the bones. The end result – increased strength of the joints. Health

However, it should be understood that power fitness – it is mainly a development of strength.


The bar may be divided into several small groups, each of which aims at the development of specific characteristics:

  • First and most common among girls the type of training – is gymnastics. The introduction of large amounts of aerobic exercise into strength training helps ensure the growing load on the heart.
  • The result of a large number of cardio becomes a powerful development of the heart muscle, increased fat burning and muscle design.
  • In this case, most of this effort is directed at the growth of girls’ muscle mass, as well as a change in body shape.
  • The third type – it is itself a power bar. the sole purpose of the training process in this case – the development of such a measure, such a force, and everything connected with it.

There is also a special program.

The essence of it is that training is only used for the development of the power of other sports, that is to train professional athletes in the other direction, for example, swimming.

In addition, such training can be used in the case of rehabilitation after a serious illness.


But power capacity – it’s not all. It is very important to follow a strict diet during training. If the purpose of training is to increase muscle mass, the amount of calories should slightly exceed the desired volume.

However, it is very important to make sure that all the calories entering the body are only healthy foods. If, however, the need to lose weight, the amount of calories, of course, should be reduced.

Aware of the importance of diet necessarily as characteristic of the female body is that it is easier to store fat and harder to build muscle, when compared to the male.

This feature is also related to hormones – the content of less testosterone and more estrogen.


The most common frequency of sessions – 3 times a week. Such a schedule is best for beginners. More experienced athletes train more.

Those women whose goal is to lose weight, can additionally jog on days when there is no training.

But in any case, it should be remembered that between classes there must be at least 1 day break learn more

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